3 days in Mekong Delta


Mekong Delta adventure today introduce you a trip to Mekong Delta in 3 days. The best time to visit Mekong Delta is in the summer so you should schedule your work properly.

Day 1: Tien Giang – An Giang

  • Tien Giang: Fruit kingdom

Located southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta with a coastline of about 32km. Tien Giang has relatively flat terrain. The land here is a neutral alluvial soil with less acidity. The characteristics of soil combined with climate characteristics of humid tropics have created favorable conditions for the Tien Giang land to promote the development of agricultural fruit trees. It is not too exaggerated to say that Tien Giang is a “fruit kingdom” because there are more than 68 thousand hectares of land for fruit trees, which is the main source of fruit for the domestic market and international export.

In Tien Giang, up to 10/10 district towns are growing fruit trees. Depending on the characteristics of each region, there are some kinds of fruits such as: Annona Xiem ( Tan Phu Dong),pineapple (Tan Phuoc), Durian and Rambutan ( Cai Lay), Grapefruit and Mango (Cai Be),dragon fruit (Cho Gao), breast milk (Chau Thanh) … Following the tours to Tien Giang, visitors can paddle trip to explore the orchard. In addition, Tien Giang also has many famous attractions such as Vinh Trang Pagoda – one of the most unique pagodas in the Southwest, Dong Tam Snake Farm with hundreds of different snakes, Cai Be Floating Market – Tien Giang’s main fruit transfer station, Thoi Son Island is an interesting tourist destination.


A meeting of Cai Be Floating market


The beautiful Vinh Trang Pagoda in the morning

  • An Giang – Tourist paradise in floating season

An Giang is a fourth largest province and the number one about the population in the Mekong Delta. This is also a province bearing bold characteristics of the soil, terrain of the river in the South with canals, golden rice fields, and especially large mangrove forests. In An Giang, there are 3,800,000 hectares of Melaleuca forests and 500 hectares of wet tropical forest with more than 150 species of rare plants. The forest system of An Giang not only owns great value in terms of resources and ecology but also helps to promote the development of An Giang tourism.

The reason for the name “tourist paradise in floating season” is An Giang gathered 3 locations where have beautiful scenery in the floating season of the South. The first is Tra Su Melaleuca forest – one of the unique and most typical nature preserves the wetland ecosystem of the Mekong Delta. Second is Bung Binh Thien – the freshest lake “beauty from heaven” in the Southwest. And finally, Ta Pa field – “green rice paddies”.


Bung Binh Thien in floating season

Tra Su-Melaleuca-forest-helloVietnam

Tra Su Melaleuca forest

Day 2:   Ca Mau

  • Ca Mau – southernmost of Vietnam

Ca Mau is one of the tourist destinations in the South that many visitors love and want to set foot on. One of the reasons for the great attraction of Ca Mau is probably because of its unique geographical location. Located in the Mekong Delta, Ca Mau is the southernmost coastal province of the country. In other words, Ca Mau is the last province of the beautiful S-shaped land of Vietnam.

Coming to Ca Mau, tourists can visit and take photographs of Ca Mau landmark – the southernmost point of Vietnam. Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the land with Ca Mau Floating Market – a popular floating market in the Southwest, Hon Da Bac – coastal landscapes, Hon Khoai – the most beautiful island of Ca Mau, “Duoc” forest Nam Can – Biodiversity Conservation area with many kinds of rare plants, U Minh Ha National Park – “unique natural forest kingdom”, Ca Mau bird sanctuary – living area of hundreds of birds …

In addition, Ca Mau also has a very attractive attraction is Thi Tuong Lagoon, one of the largest natural lagoons in the Mekong Delta. Dubbed the “Lake of the middle of the plain”, Thi Tuong Lagoon is one of the tourist attractions in the Southwest in the floating season attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists. You should not worry about things to do in Mekong Delta adventure tour when coming here.


Thi Tuong Lagoon in the sunset

Day 3: Can Tho

Known as “the capital city of Southwest area”, Can Tho is the largest and busiest city in the southwest region. The land of Can Tho was exploited and officially appeared on the map of Vietnam in 1739 with the name Tran Giang. Over the past four centuries, Can Tho is now one of the most important economic and social centers in the Mekong Delta region.

“Capital” Can Tho is the most popular Southwest tourist destination. This place gathers a lot of attractions and places to discover where have become popular long time ago. Can Tho owns a system of interlaced rivers, enormous straight fields, the orchard immense … Not only that, Floating Market Cai Rang – the largest floating market in the Southwest, Ninh Kieu wharf meeting from the nineteenth century and other destinations such as My Khanh Eco-tourism area, Bang Lang Stork Garden Tourism, Binh Thuy Ancient House, Can Tho Museum, Night Market Tay Do …


Panorama of Ninh Kieu wharf


Binh Thuy Ancient house

Chau Doc, the special characteristics of Western River Water


Chau Doc is a provincial town in An Giang province, just off the border of Vietnam and Cambodia. Coming to this promised land, visitors can visit not only the famous sights such as Sam Mountain, Chua Xu Temple but also a boat ride around and learn Cham culture, Khmer. Chau Doc is always in the top tourist attractions in the South.

You will feel great because of the opportunity to Travel to Chau Doc Vietnam, the “land of human love” is often referred to music performances! The people who are living in the west of Vietnam are moderate but also extremely liberal, have opened many myths, from the fertile, fertile plain to the majestic mountains.

So where to go in Chau Doc? When is the best time for touring in Chau Doc? Whether or not Chau Doc is beautiful and ideal?

Best time to travel to Chau Doc?

Like other western provinces, Chau Doc has a tropical monsoon climate with two rainy and sunny seasons. In general, with the typical river climate, Chau Doc is suitable for visitors to visit and travel all year round.

This article will introduce top things to do in Chau Doc.

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

You will enjoy the fresh nature, green, peaceful and enjoy the rustic food, love this countryside. .With a variety of ecosystems and impressive beauty of nature, Tra Su mangrove forest is considered as a “waterway” and has become an attractive tourist attraction attracting many visitors. This is one of the top things to do in Chau Doc.


Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

This vast forest stretches over 8,000 hectares, which has an incredible number of birds. The majority of the forest is a wetland and there are limits for visitors so that the bird’s breeding grounds are not disturbed. You will have the opportunity to soak in experience with some delightful activities including a short high-speed boat trip and a 20-minute quiet paddle along narrow canals through shady green hills. Even if you only found a few birds, not even one, it was a beautiful trip. The reserve is 23km to the west of the town.

Chau Doc cuisine

Besides, you can also experience Chau Doc’s most exquisite cuisine at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, where there is a great international food menu (grilled lamb prices, duck breast), dishes with a French accent (talerino tart, gratin dauphinoise) and fine Vietnamese food, such as grilled squid with green pepper. Apple pie with cinnamon cream makes a great taste.

Chau-Doc- cusine-helloVietnam

Chau Doc Cuisine

When you travel to Chau Doc Viet Nam, you do not miss taste dish in here. It is a very rich combination which creates the unique flavor of the west.

Floating Houses – House in Chau Doc

Chau Doc floating village is a land of cultural traditions, one in the religious centers of the South. This made your Chau Doc tour funny.

There are also rusty houses, floating floats including empty metal drums, both of which are a place to live and a livelihood for their residents. Coming to this place, visitors will find it interesting to feed their own fish, drop bait down the raft, a whole population of catfish jumped to scare for food looks exciting, thousands of size fish, splashing water splashing to splash all wet floor.

The scenery on the river is cooler and cooler when it’s dark. At this time the activities on the village are no longer busy, the family gathered together after a day of hard work. Floating villages floating on the Bassac River. If you come to Chau Doc without ever coming to the floating village, it is a mistake.


The village is like a floating city on the river

Chau Doc Floating Market – Market in Chau Doc

You need to wake up at dawn to see the bustle of this floating market. The action is the busiest from 5 am to 6 am when locals gather to buy fresh produce such as fish and shrimp. This market is less colorful and calmer compared to other emerging markets.

Not far from the floating village is Ba Chua Xu Temple, Hang Pagoda, Mam village … attractive places when visitors have the opportunity to Chau Doc.


Ba Chua Xu temple