A far-out floating market in Southern Vietnam only natives know


Many of you may have heard a lot about our sensational Cái Răng floating market that pops up a lot on mainstream travel magazines. This can be used as one of the biggest icons gaining a reputation for the wetland of Mekong Delta and ending alluvial soil located at the end of Vietnam. However, is it an actual fact that the large Mekong Delta gave birth to the only Cái Răng floating market? The answer is obviously NO. Today’s post is walking you to another highly well-known floating market in the lives of local Mekong citizens, but not foreign travelers. Let’s dive in!


Ngã Năm in its first hours

Mekong Delta, born with a spectacular tropical monsoon climate featured a richly fed alluvial soil, is able to give out a prosperous amount of tropic fruits you are possibly having at home. The number of harvested fruits in this wetland turned out to be over-counting that led peasants to a need of trading. As you may beware after getting advice about several Mekong Delta tours, this ending domain of Vietnam is packed with an immense network of rivers and canals, which means traveling and trading on the water surface have become something impeccably essential. The locals, accordingly, tend to transfer collected crops to a section of a river close by as a business gathering venue or let’s say, floating trading fair. As time goes by, its exceeded the initial character of a habit and turned into a traditional career, which has been passed down to generations of the local sub-regional Mekong dwellers. Floating markets were then born and chosen as a highlight in your upcoming essential Vietnam tour.


Abundant tropical fruits

Ngã Năm floating market is an intersection of five different rivers: Cà Mau, Vĩnh Quới, Long Mỹ, Thạnh Trị, and Phụng Hiệp. Ngã Năm falls into the list of one of the oldest and recognized floating markets recorded all over the area of Mekong Delta. Beyond, Ngã Năm is seen as an important transit waterway spot connecting the surrounding localities such as Bạc Liêu, Cà Mau and Hậu Giang that shapes the role of this floating market. With such topography features given, Ngã Năm has witnessed an enormous potential in the local travel industry.

Sóc Trăng Province, a place where Ngã Năm floating market was born, is virtually a land with a harmony of pristine village scenery and battlefield sites. Given that fact, Sóc Trăng is definitely an offbeat destination that you should have long placed beside your list of mainstream things to do in Mekong Delta. Buddhist temples, holy shrines, warfare historical relics alongside with multiple ecotourism parks such as Tân Long Stork Garden. In terms of intangible heritages, Sóc Trăng may reward you with specific values of traditional folklore singing performance (Đờn Ca Tài Tử) and festivals. This countless number of statures will surely blow your thought of a regular Mekong Delta tour away.


Tân Long storks

Every day at around 3 to 4 in the morning, the whole segment of the river starts getting to be a tumult as hundreds of electric boats gather up. The most crowded moment in a day is frequently roughly 5 to 7 am. During the Tết Holidays, Ngã Năm floating market will be specifically open all day round, which also means the place becomes even more packed and huddled. Right from the very first hours of a day, Ngã Năm is open for business with its center welcomes countless of boats transferring goods in an oral hubbub. Staring down from the sideway river bank, the whole area gets dazzling and shining in the twinkle tiny bulbs. Merchandise found at Ngã Năm floating market can be listed as everything, from daily consumption such as food to furnishings. Several popular types of freights are named as following: fresh food, rice, fruits, television, fridge and washing machines.

Up to now, this Ngã Năm floating market still remains its original daily activities of the local Mekong dwellers. A pleasant Mekong Delta day tour to this destination will surely give you a bonus at how diverse and impeccable the World can be.

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