6 destinations in Mekong Delta tour for a family worth traveling

With abundant natural resources, valuable cultural and historical values of the four ethnic groups, Mekong Delta tour for a family is a tour that cannot be ignored.

The five leading floating markets in the Southernmost of Vietnam

When discussing what makes the name of Mekong Delta, it is a big mistake if skipping the role of the floating markets in terms of boosting the economy as well as the echo in the tourism industry of the region.

Phoenix Islet – A way back home

Many group tours in Southern Vietnam currently offer a lot of tour packages towards the exploration in Mekong Delta with a huge range of selection and destinations. One of them is to visit the four biggest islets in the area of Tien Giang and Ben Tre Provinces.

A day on the floating market

Visiting the floating market in the West is what makes me fascinated by the endless flower fields of the Northwest so I decided to take a Mekong Delta group tour with my friends.

3-days Mekong Delta tour

For those who like the scenery of the countryside, love the orchards and life in the river, Mekong Delta tours are a perfect choice for them.

What to eat in Mekong Delta

People travel to Southern Vietnam not only for beautiful sceneries but also for Vietnam cuisine. This is the reason why Vietnam food tours are so popular with native people and the foreigner.

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