Closer to nature in Tram Chim National Park


You want to understand the environment and discover more about the diversity of nature? Then Vietnam tour packages from the US to Tram Chim Vietnam national park must be a right choice for you.

Tram Chim National Park – Dong Thap is a favorite destination for many tourists. Natural beauty, peaceful life here helps visitors forget the tired, stressful life, which makes Tram Chim always attract a large number of visitors. And to make your Mekong Delta tour simple and convenient, in this writing, I would like to share experience travel guide Tram Chim self-sufficiency.


Rare birds in Tram Chim

The most beautiful time of the year for Tram Chim tourism is in the floating season from August to November lunar year. If you decide to have Vietnam tour packages from the US at this time, you can enjoy a lot of specialties of Tram Chim such as sausage, roasted mouse, etc. but in floating season, there will not be many birds. If you want to watch the birds you should go to spring in February, 3rd lunar month.


Tram Chim national park

To ensure that your travel to Tram Chim convenient and funny, you should book tickets in the peak tourist season. You should book early about 6h-7h because if you go late it will end the boat and the weather is sunny. If you want to watch the sunrise, you can go from 5 am.

Tram Chim tourist ticketing place at the front desk, fare on each route near, the average price is 800k / boat about 12 people. If your delegation has few people can recommend grafting. There are two types of canoes for you to choose.

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Biosphere Reserves

According to the experience of Tram Chim National Park, when you go on a boat trip, you can order food on the canoe while enjoying the scenery. If you want to save time, you can choose a Vietnam travel agency to help you or you can choose a canoe to explore Tram Chim by yourself. There is a guide to the list of common plants, rare birds to let you discover yourself.

Going down to see the scenery is a most attractive and interesting tourist activity in Tram Chim. Natural scenery changes from the Melaleuca forests to the pink lotus fields, white lotus to the golden dawn fields will make you overwhelmed by the peaceful beauty of nature here.

In the water, the immense water will make you ecstatic, in the white lotus field, tens of thousands of white stork wings create a wonderful scene. Travel guide Tram Chim National Park in full, you not only enjoy the natural scenery, relieve stress but also you also enjoy countless different birds, there are rare birds are included. The Red Book is like a red-headed crane, along with hundreds of other birds and fish. Not only that, from the Tram Chim National Park, you can see the unique rice fields here.

There are many interesting activities in Tram Chim that you can participate in such as cut rice, put up socks, set aside, if you want to participate, there is the staff organized the tour for you. Tour price is about 1 million VND / 12 people including meals.

Wildlife games in Tram Chim always attract tourists such as fishing, river bathing, taking pictures with flower fields. You can bring your own fishing rods and dishes will be processed for you to enjoy. You can immerse in the river, photographed with golden flowers in the fields. No need to be too fussy and have to go so far on the golden brazier, you will have great checkout pictures that are not available anywhere.

In your Vietnam tailor-made tour, you cannot miss the chance to try the delicious, attractive food in Tram Chim. If you go in the floating season, there will be many toothsome dishes, such as crispy fried anchovy fish, crab hot pot, dried fish snake salad, fish hot pot, etc. Most of the specialty dishes of the river region Western you cannot find in other places to take this chance to find the unique feature of a part of Vietnam cuisine.

What should Tram Chim tourism be prepared for? Because you do not go too long, you do not have to carry too many items out of your personal life. If you choose to travel to Tram Chim, you should pay attention to choose comfortable things, wear shoes or cardboard, carry a hat to protect the sun and especially carry mosquito cream, swimsuit because you can bathe yourself under the cool blue river. When traveling, it is advisable to prepare drinking water and some fruit, cake to coat when you are hungry.

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