Cruise along Mekong River, Vietnam


Mekong Delta is the largest delta in Vietnam, considered as “Rice bowl”, an agricultural miracle that pumps out more than a third of the country’s annual food crop. To the Vietnamese, the region is known as Cuu Long, “Nine Dragons”, a reference to the nine tributaries of the Mekong River, which dovetail across plains fashioned by millennia of flood-borne alluvial sediment.

Travel to Vietnam, Mekong Delta is a must-visit, because it brings you lots of interesting and special experiences. One of those is taking a cruise along Cuu Long river, and visit different destinations along the trip. It is advisable to contact the tour operator to arrange for a tailor-made Mekong delta tour. Along the Cuu Long river, you will have a chance to taste the most delicious food on a boat in floating market or visit immense fruit orchard or stock sanctuary with diverse species of stocks.

Cuu Long River

Cuu Long river (Source: Internet)

1. A cruise in floating markets

Mekong Delta has left a deep impression on tourists by its attractive lifestyle on the river and delicious breakfast dishes. Thus, it is quite exceptional and awesome to take a floating market tour along Mekong River and enjoy everything here.

Floating markets are gathering places where the locals can buy goods, but nowadays it is also an attractive destination for tourist. Every day, it is crowded with hundreds of boats with various kinds of products. Tropical fruits (coconut, rambutan, banana, grapefruit, watermelon…) or even domestic products (bowl, cooker…) are sold most commonly in the market. Along with goods and items, some small sampans also serve as café shops or food stores. It is quite possible to stop by one and then enjoy an iced cup of coffee, soft drinks or a noodle soup for breakfast.

Generally, the best time to visit floating markets is in the early morning, because everything in this moment is very vigorous and colorful: fresh atmosphere, the flavor of delicious hot dishes, peaceful of local life on the river. All are very special.

Skewer and rice noodle soup are selling on a boat

Skewers and rice noodle soup selling boat (Source: Internet)

2. A cruise in fruit orchards

Mekong Delta is not only famous for immense rice field but also is the main supply for fruit for the country. It is missing if you do not add fruit orchards in your Mekong Delta adventure. Mekong Delta offers visitor various kinds of fruits all round year.

Here, visitors can take a stroll around fruit gardens and taste fresh delicious fruit right under fruit trees. If you want to stay overnight here, then there are small resorts located under the shadow of green trees, with affordable price.

A fruit orchard

A fruit orchard (Source: Internet)

In addition to fruit orchards, many regions also offer interesting eco-tours to rice paddies, flower growers, and riverbeds. Imagine you are on a boat bobbing along the river under shades of green trees and breathe in fresh air or landing on somewhere and have lunch there. Lunch dishes are typical for the western regions of Vietnam.

mekongreviews is sure that you hardly find an adventure like Mekong Delta adventure. In some eco-tours like My Khanh ecotourism, Can Tho Province, tourist can have a chance to experience country life of local people such as fish catching, tasting grilled fish right on rice fields or boat racing…

A cruise on fruite orchard

A cruise on fruit orchard (Source: Internet)

Mekong Delta adventure will be probably a memorable experience for you. Clearwater with breath-taking landscape around, friendly and hospitable local people altogether will satisfy you.

3. A cruise in stock sanctuaries

Can Tho Province

A stock sanctuary in Can Tho Province (Source: Internet)

Mekong Delta is also famous for diverse stock sanctuaries. To enter these gardens, visitors must travel by boat. Here you have a chance to enjoy peaceful landscapes with lotus or bang lang flowers, cool water and especially numerous stocks and other species of birds also gathering here. The best time for watching storks is in the early morning when stork fly away for food or in the late afternoon when they return to home after the whole day seeking food from other places. Thousands of storks perching on rice field or bamboo trees create a vigorous picture of nature. The garden is now a popular destination for both domestic and international visitors.

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