Southern Vietnam countryside in Summer

Talking about Vietnam countryside tours, Southern Vietnam is definitely the best destination this summer. The Southern Vietnam countryside has a peaceful atmosphere and dreamlike beautiful sceneries that cannot be found in any other.

The southern region is famous for its many attractions attracting millions of visits every year. Visitors to the south are not only domestic people but also a large number of overseas Vietnamese and foreign tourists. Visitors who visit the west will satisfy the landscapes, the garden, or jungle forests (mangrove, melaleuca), wild birds park. Also, you will have an opportunity to taste delicious dishes here.

For people who don’t know where to go in Southern Vietnam, here is the list of the top countryside in Southern Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to take Vietnam countryside tours to make your travel to Southern Vietnam in May better.

An Giang

An Giang is a fourth largest province in the Mekong Delta. This is also a province bearing bold characteristics of the soil, terrain of the river in the West with canals, golden rice fields, and especially large mangrove forests. In An Giang, there are 3,800,000 hectares of Melaleuca forests and 500 hectares of wet tropical forest with more than 150 species of rare plants. The forest system of An Giang not only owns great value in terms of resources and ecology but also helps promote the development of An Giang tourism.

An Giang

An Giang

An Giang gathers to 3 locations have beautiful scenery in the floating season of the West. The first is Tra Su Melaleuca forest - one of the unique and most typical nature preserves of the wetland ecosystem of the Mekong Delta. Second is Bung Binh Thien - the freshest lake "beauty of heaven" in the Southwest. And finally, Ta Pa field - "green rice paddies".

Dong Thap - "The land of pink lotus"

Originally founded by the Nguyen Dynasty in the 17th century, Dong Thap is a province of the South West, located at the mouth of the Tien River and bordered on Cambodia. It is not a "floating tourism paradise" such as An Giang, "fruit kingdom" as Tien Giang, but Dong Thap has created its own prominence with the lotus flower field. Traveling to Dong Thap, many visitors must be amazed by the beauty of the lotus.

During the flood season from August to November, Dong Thap is true to the verse "Thap Muoi the most beautiful lotus season", lotus appears almost everywhere in the territory of Dong Thap province. Even on the rice field, people will see some lotus flower hidden. Most of the fields in Thap Muoi, Cao Lanh, and Tam Nong only have one kind of tree, which is the lotus. In addition to the lotus fields, to fully enjoy the " pink lotus territory", visitors can go to Phuoc Kien Temple or Sen Temple. Here are some rare varieties of Southeast Asia.

Dong Thap

Dong Thap

Tien Giang - "Fruit Kingdom"

Located southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta with a coastline of about 32 kilometers. Tien Giang has relatively flat terrain. The land here is a neutral alluvial soil with less acidity. The characteristics of soil combined with climate characteristics of humid tropics have created favorable conditions for Tien Giang land to promote the development of agricultural fruit trees. It is not too exaggerated to say that Tien Giang is a "fruit kingdom" because there are more than 68 thousand hectares of land for fruit trees, which is the main source of fruit for the domestic market and international exports.

Tien Giang

Tien Giang

In Tien Giang, the main agricultural activity is growing fruit trees. Depending on the characteristics of each region, there are some kinds of fruits such as: Siamese Custard apple (Tan Phu Dong), pineapple (Tan Phuoc), Durian and Rambutan (Cai Lay), Pomelo and Mango (Cai Be), Dragonfruit (Chao Gao), Star-apple (Chau Thanh), etc. In addition, Tien Giang also has many famous attractions such as Vinh Trang Pagoda - one of the unique pagodas in the West, Dong Tam Snake Farm with hundreds of different kinds of snake, Cai Be Floating Market - Tien Giang's main fruit transfer station, Thoi Son Island is an interesting tourist destination.

In addition to the West most popular tourist destinations, the southwestern region has many attractive places such as "Ben Tre", "special land" Long An, "The place of wealth anecdotes" Bac Lieu, etc. The Vietnam countryside tours promise to leave in the visitors special feelings, memories of the beauty of the land, the heart of the land and the West.



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