The Mekong Delta is located in the southwestern part of Vietnam, where the Mekong river ends and approaches the sea. Much of the area in the Mekong Delta is covered by many small rivers, the tributaries of the Mekong River. Therefore, life in this area is very unique and different from other places in Vietnam. 

Your vacation will not be perfect if you are not well prepared. So you should choose the Best time to visit Mekong Delta. In Mekong Delta, the rainy season begins in May and lasts until August. However, the rains in this region are usually short and won’t affect your tour seriously. Because of that, visiting Mekong Delta during these months is not a bad choice at all.

Thoi Nhut Flower Village, Can Tho Province

Tho Thoi flower village of Can Tho is a place to visit in the Vietnam countryside tours, indeed Can Tho. It is quite poetic, especially at the end of the year when the chrysanthemum garden bloomed like a flower carpet yellow sky.

In the first days, this flower village only about a dozen flower growers includes mainly daisy flowers. Over time, the growing of flowers has become more common, from small-scale investment into large flower gardens, not only provide flowers in the area but also to the neighboring areas to the faraway provinces.

If you have a chance to visit the West, this is an ideal place.

Follow some of Vietnam countryside tours, you will have the opportunity to visit Thoi Nhut flower village Can Tho and feel the very own features of this place with the gentle romantic dream that not everywhere there.


Thoi Nhut one of the beautiful flower villages in Mekong Delta

Cai Mon Flower Village, Ben Tre Province

This flower garden is known as a village producing flowers, one of the two flower baskets provide flowers Tet. If you have a Vietnam tour for family, you can visit Cai Mon flower garden – Cho Lach to feel the colorful paintings and scenery of the garden to be able to export flowers to other places.

Cai Mon flower village is famous for flowers such as yellow apricot, marigold, paper flower, daisy flower, raspberry, carnation, flowerpot, coconut … and many kinds of roses.

The highlight of the village is Cai Mon flower garden is the kind of ornamental plants such as leaves, flowers, plants, animals, antique, rare jewelry …, through the hands of the talent of artists have created eye-catching shapes and attractive.

Going to Cho Lach, you will have the opportunity to discover and enjoy the immensity of the colorful river, surely you will never forget this exciting trip. Here you are not only immense in colorful flower fields but also have the opportunity to enjoy the special fruits like coconut, durian, rambutan or mango and so on. You will be impressed by Countryside tours in Vietnam because of that.


The farmers are taking care of the flowers in Cai Mon Flower Village, Ben Tre Province

My Tho Flower Village, Tien Giang Province

It located in the suburban area near the center of My Tho City belongs to Tien Giang province about 10 km and more than 3 km away from Trung Luong T-junction in My Tho direction to My Thuan.

You will absolutely be stunned by the colorful costume of My Tho Flower Village in Mekong Delta if moving along Highway 50 and coming here.

Just like the above flower villages, My Tho flower Village is planted and provided for nearby areas. Because of its convenient place, which is just 70km away from the center of Saigon, My Tho flower village appeals to a large number of visitors to contemplate the beauty of flowers.


The flowers are blooming in My Tho Flower Village


Considered as the center of flowers and ornamental plants, Tan Quy Dong Flower Village in Sa Dec became one of the attractions for tourists while traveling south, especially the Lunar New Year.

Flower growing is one of the main jobs of a part of people in Sa Dec. In recent year,  the income from a flower is not high but they have no intention of leaving it. They said that this is their traditional job which has been famous for both local and international tourists for a long time.

Another highlight of this village is the friendly people. Whenever seeing people coming from other cities, the locals are willing to come to show them the way to the best flower fields without begging for any money. Some owners here also allow the young to come to take photos for free.


Sa Dec one of the biggest flower suppliers in the country

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