Long Xuyen Floating Market – a must-see for Mekong Delta group tours


Mekong Delta in the southwest of Vietnam holds an irresistible appeal that would steal travelers’ hearts at the very first meet. You will be left in awe by the lush mangrove forests, the vast green rice fields, and the huge fruit gardens separated by a widespread network of small canals and rivers. Floating market is one of the most distinctive features of the Southwest, where travelers can get a deeper approach to the life of the locals. And Long Xuyen market is among the most famous floating markets in Vietnam.


Long Xuyen Floating Market

Stretching for more than 2 km along Hau River, Long Xuyen Floating Market is located in My Phuoc Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang. Unlike other famous floating markets in the west that have been commercialized such as Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho and Cai Be Floating Market in Tien Giang, Long Xuyen Market still retains many of the pristine features of the traditional southwestern market.

Very early in the morning, when the sun even does not rise yet, hundreds of sampans gather on the river to start a new trading day. People are busy shopping, loading, and unloading goods. The most popular products sold at Long Xuyen Market are vegetables and fruits from different parts of the Southwest. The market also plays as a gathering place of goods to supply for the wholesale market in Long Xuyen.


“beo hang” – a distinctive feature of the floating market

“Bẹo hàng” is an interesting advertising method of the floating market. Due to the distinctive feature of the floating market that the boats stay extremely close to each other, it is really hard for the buyers to approach the boat. Additionally, the goods are put in the cabin, making it difficult to find the items they are looking for. Therefore, the sellers hang the samples of their goods on tall bamboo poles so that the customers can easily see even from far distance. If the items are sold out, the samples will be taken down.

The noisy yet exciting atmosphere of the floating market is another interesting to explore in your South Vietnam group tours. The market is full of the noisy sounds and the laughter of both the sellers and buyers. The sale happens quite quickly because the price is very reasonable and the customers do not need to bargain. It is the typical cultural identities of the southwestern people.

More interestingly, coming to Long Xuyen Floating Market, travelers can enjoy the special dishes and snacks of the locals without having to ride the boat to the eateries. You can catch the image of several women who are riding the boats through the crowded market to sell several types of noodles, cakes, snacks, and drinks. Do not forget to have a floating-style breakfast, sample the special southwestern dishes such as “bun rieu”, “bun ca”, “banh tam”, or take a sip of coffee or coconut milk while gliding on the river. These enjoyable experience would definitely last a lifetime.


The floating market sells several products

A tour along the river will also enable visitors to get to know more about the locals, whose life is tied with river and boat. You can also catch a glimpse of the local farmers who are catching fish on the river and the fields. The glorious sky at dawn adds more color to the peaceful and poetic picture of the morning in the Mekong Delta.

Finding ways to Long Xuyen Floating Market is very easy. Just go to the ferry terminal of O Moi at My Long Ward and find the boat owners. Go aboard and they will take you to every corner of the market. The rental is exceptionally reasonable, also. It only costs you around 200,000 VND for two people for a 2-hour-long trip along the river.


Long Xuyen Floating Market is undeniably worth visiting

The bustling morning market of Long Xuyen is undoubtedly a must-try experience when traveling to southern Vietnam.  Not only can you enjoy the heavenly tasty specialties of the southwest and buy home the fresh fruits, but you can also get a closer look at the daily activities of the locals. The tranquility of Mekong Delta will ease your soul and leave you with the unforgettable experience.

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