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Mekong Delta tours for adventurers


The so-called “rice bowl of Vietnam”, Mekong Delta has become a favorite destination for those who love to explore the untouched beauty of nature in Southwestern Vietnam. Mekong Delta is carpeted in the green of paddy field, producing a third of the country’s annual rice crops. If you are looking for an ecotour in the South of Vietnam, let’s take a look at our local tour guide for a Mekong Delta tour.

When to visit Mekong Delta?

The dry season (between December and April) can be seen as the ideal time to visit Mekong Delta. The amount of rainfall is small during this period, also the humidity. Tourists can enjoy their travel without being worried about getting caught in the rain. You can experience some outside activities such as biking along the country roads and visit local houses to observe the local daily life in Southern Vietnam.

Mekong river

Mekong River in the sunset

From September to November is a good time to travel Mekong Delta as well. This floating season is the most beautiful season in this region, wild water lilies growing in the rice fields are in their full bloom and tourists will be able to embark boat trips along Mekong River, sightseeing, and fishing.

Where to go in Mekong Delta

Cai Be floating market (Chau Doc)

Cai Be floating market starts in the early morning. From 3 a.m to 4 a.m, small boats and junks with various kinds of goods and products gather at the market, creating a bustling atmosphere. Visiting the market, tourists may have the chance to observe the original trading activities on the river, learn about the daily life of the local people and enjoy the scenic panorama of Mekong River.

A boat on Mekong River

A boat on Mekong River

Tra Su Cajuput forest (Chau Doc)

Located 30km from Chau Doc, Tra Su forest is the top destination for ecotours in Southwestern Vietnam. Getting on a boat trip, visitors are able to explore the unique flooding ecosystem and a nature reserve in An Giang Province. The forest is verdant and green all over the years, being the home for many kinds of wild birds. The local people will tell you stories about Tra Su forest while sailing the boat.

Tra Su Cajuput forest

Tra Su cajuput forest

Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho)

Similar to Cai Be floating market, Cai Rang market begins early in the morning. Each boat often sells only a kind of goods. The most common products sold are tropical fruits such as mangoes, grapefruits, star apples, custard apples and much more. Once you visit Cai Rang market, you should not miss the chance to enjoy some tasty fresh fruits.

What Vietnam travel agency to choose?

Planning a Mekong Delta tour on your own can be exciting but challenging at the same time. See this tour as your reference.





Day 1

Ho Chi Minh City


  • Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Check in hotel
  • Explore the city on your own

Day 2

Cu Chi Tunnels


  • Transfer to Cu Chi Tunnels


  • Visit some tourist attractions such as War Remnants Museum, the Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Ben Thanh market

Day 3

Cai Be (Mekong Delta)


  • Travel to Cai Be
  • Take part in a cruise trip along the Mekong River
  • Have lunch at a local house


  • Go on a biking trip in the village roads

Day 4

Tra Su


  • Have breakfast at hotel
  • Drive to Tra Su Cajuput forest
  • Embark a boat trip to explore the forest


  • Travel to Can Tho City

Day 5

Can Tho


  • Move to Cai Rang floating market
  • Visit traditional houses in the villages
  • Talk to the local to explore their tradition
  • Come back to Ho Chi Minh City for lunch

Day 6

Ho Chi Minh City


  • Have breakfast at hotel
  • Have a walk around the city for shopping or sightseeing
  • Drive to Tan Son Nhat Airport

A village by the river Mekong

A house by the river Mekong

A Mekong Delta tour with memorable experiences is here for you, what are you waiting for? Let’s book a ticket to Vietnam and enjoy your trip right away!


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