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New experience along with Mekong Delta tours by yacht


Mekong delta tours always have a special attraction with domestic and foreign tourists. Nowadays, explore this site, tourers will have an occasion to get an exciting feeling with Mekong Delta cruise.

The luxury yacht on Mekong River

The luxury yacht on Mekong River

The journey along the Mekong river on the boat will help visitor discover the natural loveliness of this location with canals system, extensive rice fields, fruit orchards … With the luxury yacht, guests can feel the unique characteristics of the Mekong Delta, and also can feel the beauty of nature, people, and life at here.It can be said that this is a trip for tourer to fully enjoy the relaxing moments in the Mekong Delta. With the feeling of lying on the deck, enjoying a cocktail and admire the sunsets gradually on the immense river. Then, enjoy delicious meals with raw materials from the affluent river. Taste local food is considered as one of the most worthy things to do in Mekong Delta for international tourists.This trip to Mekong Delta will be completely different from what you have experienced so far.

Tourists have breakfast on the yacht

The tourists have breakfast and enjoy the fresh-air on the yacht

In the morning, the voyage will begin. Traveler boards a comfortable cruise. After enjoying the welcome drink, visitors will be introduced the comfort and cozy cabin. When lunch is served, the yacht starts running. Let’s back to the seat to enjoy the wonderful scenery and daily life of the Mekong people. In the afternoon, visitors can walk around the village, the orchard and the rice fields. Meet local people and try out products of regional fruits. Be sure that you do not miss the opportunity to take the great pictures of the Mekong landscape and life at here.

The romantic and fascinating afterglow on Mekong River

The romantic and fascinating afterglow on Mekong River

Return to the ship and enjoy a refreshing drink in the bar or relax on the deck when the sun goes down on the magnificent landscape of Mekong River. Ships will be anchored in the evening. One day ends with a good evening on board. You will spend the night on the yacht as a “floating hotel” in the Mekong Delta.

In the second day, wake up to the melodious sounds of the river and prepare for an exciting new day to admire the scenery on the Mekong. The boat will follow the sunrise journey. Look at people with routine work such as drying fruits or building wooden boats in the yard when you enjoy breakfast on the yacht. After breakfast, travelers will take a small boat to Cai Rang floating market, the busiest and most bustle market in the area. By appointment time, the visitor will discover the small canals of the Mekong Delta around Cai Be with a canoe or a walk. Tourists will be amazed at the abundance of fruits, vegetables, and handicrafts. Then tourers will go to another boat to talk and negotiate the price with the seller. Anyone will also visit some local candy-making establishments, watch the houses, gardens and the shipyard.

Cai Be Floating Market

The crowded spectacle of the Cai Be floating market which attracts a large number of tourers

At noon, travelers can row along the clear blue water to visit the local houses. Besides, explore the nearby town by hiking or exploring small canals by bike. Then return to the yacht for lunch.

In the afternoon, there will be another trip to the village on the way. If you are curious, you can go shopping with the chef and take part in a cooking class on board. What an exciting experience! When the yacht continues on the way, you will following the small canal to Can Tho (or Cai Be). There will be many options for the afternoon, such as visiting the village by bicycle, walking, visiting the orchard or cooking classes.

Mekong delta tours are featured by Southern Vietnam tours with a homely beauty but make tourists unforgettable. Welcome to the special tour of the Mekong Delta region and experience a series of ineffable emotions. High-quality service, incisive impression, and strange travel style are what you will feel during the trip.


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