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Planning to go on a Mekong Delta Tour? Several things you need to know


My friend, Amy, is going on a tour around Mekong Delta next year. Since this will be her first experience trying this, I’ve given her some advice which I believe is very useful for the trip. Have a look if you’re having the same plan!

Mekong Delta

Mekong delta’s full of green color (Source: Internet)

Know the place you’re going to

Having a basic knowledge of the Mekong Delta is the first and most important thing. Even though you’re going on a tour, prepare yourself with some key information about Mekong Delta tour. This will help you to make the right choice amidst the matrix of Vietnam tours. Below are some snippets.

The Mekong Delta stretches from Ho Chi Minh City southwest to the Gulf of Thailand. In Vietnam, it provides the biggest source of rice as a staple, yielding over a third of the country’s food crop annually. So yes, you’re going to tour through a lot of paddy fields. What’s more, the delta is home to a large area of orchards and coconut trees. 

The delta is also known as "biological treasure trove". So in case, you’re an animal lover, get ready to come across plentiful lizards and mammals! Most of these species in Mekong Delta are unique and no other places to be found.

In Vietnam, the delta is made up of nine distributaries and hundreds of streams. Hence, boats, floating houses, and markets will definitely be part of your trip and you’ll be surrounded by water.

A fruit farm in Mekong Delta

Harvesting fruit (Source: Internet)

Choose a reliable tour operator

Now find a place to put your trust in. Tour operators will play a vital role in the quality of your journey. Will they provide you with unforgettable experiences, or merely same old things that you have already been through?

I suggest you set some criteria before going for a tour operator, at least these:

First, the itinerary must be clear. You’re acknowledged about the provinces you will tour (An Giang, Can Tho, Bac Lieu, Ben Tre, etc). Will those places have something unique to offer, such as fruits, biodiversity, etc.?

Secondly, you must know what activities you’re going to take part in along the trip. The tour operator should give you some information about the fees. Now measure if your budget can adapt to the cost, whether the activities are suitable for yourself and family members or not. In case you’re going with a child, ask the tour operator if he/she is entitled to a discount or any other benefit.

Thirdly, a trusting tour operator must have a business license, the staff are helpful and flexible in order to handle unwanted situations. In addition, the contract must be clear.

Remember, the quality of your Mekong Delta tour depends largely on the operator, so make a wise choice.

Be fit and safe

Obviously, you need to be in a good health condition to travel in Mekong Delta. So bring with you some basic medicines in case you’ve got down by the tropical weather.

Insurance is also recommended, as you may encounter some problems such as theft or injuries. Besides, check the location of the nearest hospitals and police stations in case of emergencies.

Last but not least, strictly follow the tour operator’s guideline! Should any problem occur, do not hesitate to ask for help. They are there to make your trip go smoothly.

Travel like a local

In this case, I mean, get involved in the local activities and go sightseeing as much as possible. Here are my top three destinations.

Cai Rang Floating Market: the biggest floating market in the Mekong Delta

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary in Chau Doc: a super big home to birds

Xeo Quyt Forest: definitely one of the most worth-visited attractions in Dong Thap

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary (Source: Internet)

The Mekong Delta has so much more to offer, so make a list for yourself!

A tour around Mekong Delta will surely give you a lot of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Keep in mind my advice at mekongreviews and have a good trip ahead!

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