Best things to do for an exciting Mekong Delta tour

The Mekong Delta is one of two biggest deltas in Vietnam. This land impresses every Vietnam travel agency and tourists to here by its charming beauty. Today’s article is going to suggest you the best things you should experience in the Mekong Delta when you travel to Vietnam.

1. Exploring the floating market

Visiting the Mekong Delta, you shouldn’t miss the floating market – the most impressive attraction of this land, and the first thing people think of when talking about this land. If you haven’t sat in a boat and experience the floating market in your Mekong Delta tour, it would be a big pity.

Bustling floating market in the Mekong Delta

Traveling to this land, you will see small boats full of fruits and special foods of this region. You can ask the local people for a seat on their boat to experience a bustling floating market. The local people are very friendly, kind, and hospitable. You always see the smile from the bottom of the heart on their face. Many famous floating markets in the Mekong Delta you can visit in a trip to this land with a Vietnam local tour operator are Cai Be (on Tien River), Phung Hiep (Hau Giang), Chau Doc (An Giang), Cai Rang (Can Tho), Phong Dien (Can Tho).

[Cai Be floating market]

2. Eating grilled snakehead fish

Fish dishes are the most popular specialty of the Mekong Delta due to the dense net of rivers and canals. And grilled snakehead fish is the most favorite and famous food suggested in a lot of Vietnam travel reviews about this land. The best time to enjoy this dish in the Mekong Delta is in January when the local people catch this fish the most. Especially, sitting around a fire in the field in the chilly weather and waiting for your fish to be grilled well would be an unforgettable experience in your trip.

[Grilled snakehead fish]

3. Enjoying Xeo Cake

Xeo cake is the most favorite specialty in the Mekong Delta. This food has a thin coat, full filling with various ingredients. It has the delicious taste of coconut milk, powdered turmeric, crispy coat, and various vegetables. Its wonderful taste will deeply enchant you and leave in your heart a deep impression of this beautiful land. There are many kinds of fillings you can choose and enjoy.

[Xeo Cake]

4. Catching fish in the muddy field

Another must-try things you shouldn’t miss in your trip to the Mekong Delta is catching fish in the muddy field. It is one of the most attractive and exciting cultural activities in this land that you cannot find anywhere else. You can soak in the mud, get dirty, and catch the fish in the mud. Then you can enjoy a delicious meal of fish, which you have caught minutes ago. It would be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your trip to Vietnam.

Catching fish in a small canal

5. Visiting huge orchards

One of the greatest attractions of the Mekong Delta that you should visit on a trip with a Vietnam travel agency is huge fruit gardens. Thanks to the mild weather and plentiful water, the Mekong Delta has a lot of huge orchards with various kinds of fruits. Visiting this land in summer, you can visit these fruit garden, pick some fruits, and eat them right in the garden. Many famous orchards you can visit in the Mekong Delta in summer are My Khanh in Can Tho, An Binh Isle in Vinh Long, Cai Mon in Ben Tre and Cai Be in Tien Giang.

[Fruit garden in the Mekong Delta]

6. Visiting Hon Da Bac

From the city center of Ca Mau, go along the provincial highway for 40km, get through U Minh Ha Forest – the hometown of the liar king Ba Phi, you will reach a beautiful group of deserted islands which is 50m above the sea level. It has three islands linking with each other, including Hon Troi, Hon Ong Ngo, and Hon Da Bac with the total area of about 6.4 hectares.

[Hon Da Bac Island]
This famous tourist site is in Kinh Hon Hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay Commune, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province. Stone is the only thing you can see in Hon Troi – the small island located between two islands of Hon Ong Ngo and Hon Da Bac. In contrast, the other two islands have a lot of trees. According to many documents, Hon Da Bac has formed about 180 million years ago, in the mid-Jura period and Mesozoic.

7. Conquering the southernmost point of Vietnam

The southernmost point of Vietnam is always a must-see site of tourist in a Vietnam tour. After an hour going by canoe on the sea, you will reach this point in Mui Hamlet, Ca Mau. Getting there, you will see one of the four most sacred sites in Vietnam. From here, you will have a stunning view of the sea, listen to the sound of the sea waves, and feel your heart beating strongly in your chest.

[Vietnamese national southernmost point]
These are the top exciting things you must try in your Mekong Delta tour. There are many other attractions of this beautiful land welcoming you to explore. Come and enjoy them, you will have an unforgettable tour in Vietnam.
Description: The Mekong Delta has a lot of attractions that attracts every Vietnam travel agency to come and explore in the best adventure tour.

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Two long-founded festivals in a far-off Mekong province

Boat racing – A part of Ok Om Bok

Sóc Trăng, an extremely lesser-known city in the outlander visitors’ eyes which is located near the end of Mekong Delta, is definitely somewhere you may have never heard of before. The thing is, Sóc Trăng has been something every single Southern Vietnamese get to know right from their early ages, especially thanks to the city’s delicacy of Pía Cake. However, Pía Cake is not the only thing the makes Sóc Trăng a special destination. With over 10 traditional Vietnamese festivals originated from different varieties of ethnic communities, this province attracts a huge number of visitors each year. The two below are chosen from the two most recognized groups of citizens who have taken root hundreds of years by far in this land.

Khmer people

Khmer people

Lantern Auction Festival

Lantern Festival is a common phrase widely used for a special event in the East Asian countries where the Lunar calendar is still playing a big part, the January’s Full moon day. The festival is annually held by the Chinese community in a Chinese temple. The event does not aim at auctioning off the best-looked lanterns yet giving out the meaning behind for those who pursue the business career with prosperity as long as happiness, wealth and the best of health. Hence, the value of each lantern can vary up to millions of Dong. Every lantern given out is written with well-wished lines such as “May your wealth be plentiful”, May you earn huge profits every day” or “May you be blessed and happy”. As you may beware, Chinese are those who extremely dignify and value the field of business and trading, which means Chinese businessmen everywhere highly appreciate relevant wishes like those.

Chinese in Southern Vietnam

Chinese in Southern Vietnam

Operating the Lantern Auction event, the Temple’s Board of Management initially target at creating an interesting union for their own community itself, while in return, participants are able to donate a sum of money for social benefits. Paying a visit to this one-of-a-kind festival, you can not only have a deep insight into other cultures around you but admire a unique architecture at the Chinese temple where the event takes place. The building was wholly constructed in precious wood and stones delicately carved. The elegant pieces and pictures carved upon rooftops, pillars, entrance door as well as horizontal paintings still remain strong and sharp details made by the old artisans. The temple can now be found at Nguyễn Văn Trỗi Street, Ward 1, Sóc Trăng City. Down for a memorable trip rather than just a sightseeing tour? Let the best travel agency in Vietnam sort it out for you!

The temple where Lantern Auction Festival is held

The temple where Lantern Auction Festival is held

Ok Om Bok

Officially recognized as an iconic festival of the Khmer dwellers in Mekong Delta, Ok Om Bok is one of the three most important festivals of the Khmer community and bears a strong meaning in spiritual life. Therefore, many tourists choose it as the must-go destination for their best travel agency in Vietnam when they come here at the festival time.

Ok Om Bok falls on the Full Moon day of Lunar October and can be seen as a form of worshipping the Moon. According to Khmer’s perception, the date is the ending in one Moon’s circle around the Earth as well as the end of harvest season. As a result, Ok Om Bok is held with a view to expressing gratitude towards the Moon for its protection of an abundant crop.

Boat racing – A part of Ok Om Bok

Boat racing – A part of Ok Om Bok

On the Full Moon day when night falls, Khmer people start setting up a table containing essential offerings such as sticky rice, yam, coconuts, bananas, sweeties and many more. Amin the table, a pot of hot tea is always displayed. After each turn of pouring tea into a small glass, Khmer people are supposed to bow their head once to show their appreciation towards the Moon. Afterward, a gaudy and sparkling lantern ceremony will take place at Bà Om Lake. Apart from being released into the surface of the lake, these colorful lanterns are also floated to the high night sky. Imagine standing under a dark sky lit up by hundreds of lanterns amid the sound of joy and celebration of Khmer people in an off-the-beaten-track It is believed that these lanterns are expected to bring in good luck and chase away evil spirits.

Night lanterns

Night lanterns

Because of such meaning, Ok Om Bok regularly appeals to local visitors who aspire a mind-blowing journey every year. You may not have thought of this special festival when mapping out the best tours in Vietnam coming up, yet this in-depth reveal is going to be a worthwhile expectation that any Vietnam travel agency is excited to offer you.