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Things to do in the Mekong Delta


Standing out and bringing the best aspects of the country together, the Mekong Delta is one of the must-visit places in your Vietnam tours.

Explore the splendid natural beauty of the river itself

The 12th longest river in the world and winding itself around six countries, the Mekong River’s landscape is absolutely different in the south of Vietnam, but it has its own attractiveness and appeal. Even though the Mekong River is a notorious muddy brown color, it has a rich agricultural history in Vietnam and Asia in general.

Mekong Delta boat trip

Mekong Delta boat trip (Source: Internet)

It is certain that a boat cruise on waterways is the best way to discover the beauty and uniqueness of the Mekong Delta. A romantic experience is a reason for a Mekong River cruise. Chances are if you are backpacking through Asia, you will come across the river multiple times. Specifically, Vietnam, which is home to the Mekong Delta, where the river ends and empties out into the sea, is a great place to see the river. An amazing exclusive river cruise on waterways of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam will surely leave a novel and exceptional impression on you!

The Mekong Delta Tour

Mekong Delta tours (Source: Internet)

It is really fascinating to feast your eyes on the awesome and charming scenery around the river created by green/yellow rice paddies, lush orchards, lines of coconut trees, pretty stilt houses, lush green branches overhanging the rushing water and the slow sampan boats floating down the small canals as well as an abundance of wildlife. The Mekong Delta not only has been a key agricultural area producing much of Vietnam’s food crops but also one of the world’s richest areas of biodiversity, second only to the Amazon River. While immersing in a scenic boat trip through the immense water world, admiring the pink and orange hues coming out over the water as soon as the strong sun goes down, you will not only visit the busy and colorful floating markets, but also experience the simple daily lifestyle around the Mekong River revolving around fishing and agriculture as well as take a closer insight into the rural Vietnam, learn more about the local culture and discover why the Mekong Delta is such a captivating place.

Just the thought of observing the Mekong’s riverbanks transformed into luxuriant walls of tropical greenery without another traveling fellow insight alone can make you feel excited.

Pay a visit to an orchard

If you are going on a Mekong River cruise, it is likely that you will leave from My Tho, or another small city along the river or near the Delta. It will be fun to stop in at the little islands along the river to visit eco-bee farms, sip on fresh coconuts and pick and try many kinds of fresh fruit.

Fruit orchard

Mekong Delta’s fruit orchard (Source: Internet)

The nutrient-rich soil, which is a perfect base for growing crops, makes the Mekong Delta not only one of the leading food suppliers for the rest of the whole nation but also a paradise for tropical fruit lovers. Thanks to its favorable natural conditions and mild climate, the Mekong Delta area has huge orchards heavy with many kinds of fruit all year round, which makes all travelers fascinated. There are some must-visit orchards in the region, each of which has its own unique kinds of fruit. Cai Be fruit orchard (Tien Giang), Cai Mon fruit orchard (Ben Tre), Vinh Long fruit orchard, Vinh Kim Orchard (Tien Giang Province), Lai Thieu orchard (Binh Duong) gather all distinctive fruits for the region.

Paying a visit to these fruit gardens has become one of the must-do activities on any Mekong Delta tours. Let’s plan a trip to these famous orchards and you will definitely have a one-of-a-kind experience!

Sample unique local cuisine

Mekong Delta cuisine

Mekong Delta cuisine (Source: Internet)

Another unique thing about a venture to the Mekong Delta is to sample its unique cuisine. For most people, especially food lovers, experiencing new dishes is one of the greatest things about traveling. As mentioned above, the Mekong River and the Mekong Delta area is famous for its agriculture. You can bet that a Mekong Delta tour will give you a chance to sample some of the freshest food in Vietnam. Not only being the world of fresh tropical fruits: from coconut, banana, orange, pomelo, plum, longan fruit, water coconut, mango, pineapple, mangosteen to rambutan, dragon fruit, jackfruit and durian, the Mekong also has many other delicacies with strong flavor such as Fish noodle soup (bun ca), snakehead fish thick noodle soup (banh canh ca loc), bun mam, Sa Dec noodle soup to tasty bee worm salad and Bot Loc Cake – a starchy cake made with shrimp and pork and wrapped in a banana leaf.

If you are looking for something natural, simple and impressive, mekongreviews think that the Mekong Delta is the spot!

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