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Things to do in Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations in Asia for stable politics, affordable price, and numerous beautiful landscapes. Additionally, friendly, knowledgeable Vietnam Travel guides with their passions for the region. Vietnam tours will bring you memorable experiences.

There are several best tips when traveling in Vietnam in order to entirely enjoy these tours; you should pay your attention to these following things from mekongreviews.

Know how to drive motorbike is an advantage. Firstly, most accommodations here in Vietnam are offering rental motorbike service. Secondly, each famous destination like Ha Giang, Da Lat, or Phu Quoc with various attraction scenes and it’s quite far from each other thus getting around on a motorcycle is a convenient way. Plus, you could clearly admire its natural landscapes on your roads.

Crossing the busy roads in large cities such as Hanoi, Sai Gon or Da Nang. A tip is that you must be calm, not hesitated, and move forward.

Adapting to the weather, Vietnam’s weather changes based on region and season. In the winter and spring (November to April), it’s quite cold (15­­­­­­oC-25oC), in Northern Vietnam, you should prepare some warm clothes. Meanwhile in the south, in the rainy season, you should bring raincoat or umbrella. Some plateaus or uplands like Da Lat, Sapa, their temperature are cooler than the rest of Vietnam. You should search each regions’ weather forecast before making your decisions when traveling to Vietnam.

Of course, be careful with pick-pocketing and robbery in crowded places. And you also have to be resolute to get rid of persistent offerings.

If you get accustomed to popular landscapes in Vietnam via newspaper, social network or some agencies, there are still several original experiences you should not miss. Here are top things to do in Vietnam.

Play as Robinson in Hon Dam Island, Phu Quoc

Away from the buzz of other renowned destinations in Phu Quoc, families and couples alike can spend time in Hon Dam. No Internet, solar energy, and the whole small island has just a few bungalows made from bamboo and wood about 2m from the sea. In the evening, you can enjoy fresh seafood like shrimps, fishes, egg squids with your friends or other tourists then gently sleep in the whispering of waves. Time to discover the tiny island with incredible active and outdoor experiences. Immerse in peaceful nature, swimming, coral snorkeling right in front of your bungalow, chatting with the rare foreign tourists or simply lie on bungalow’s veranda floor reading books.

Hon Dam Island

A bungalow in Hon Dam Island, Phu Quoc

On the outside, the bungalow merely looks like rustic leave cottages but on the inside, there is clean and exotic furniture. In evening, you could soak in the romantic scene island’s sunset. Besides bungalows for couple, families, it also has dorm rooms to cater to the needs of every traveler.

Greet dawn in Cai Rang Float Market, Can Tho

Can Tho is a major city in Mekong Delta. Cai Rang floating market is a symbol of this area. You should hire a small rowing boat to experience the whole area. You also should go to the floating market in the early morning to greet the dawn in the river; it's so beautiful and totally different with the dawn in the beach. In the Cai Rang floating market, you would see locals sell abundant tropical fruits, crops and also breakfasts in these mechanized boats and your expert boat's driver would let you know the special things about these boats such as a kind of good was hang on a rod which is located in front of the boat will inform customers about the product is sold.

The dawn in Cai Rang floating market

The dawn in Cai Rang Float Market, Can Tho

And of course join in any street food tours along the length of the country, in each your destinations to fully discover Vietnam culture and subtle changes of cuisine from the North to South. It is hard to describe and compare the specific features of cuisines from each region. Play as a local, eating in the constant presence of street vendors, mini-restaurants, stalls, small mobile shops on wheels or tiny stalls in local markets.

Tiny stalls in local markets

Tiny stalls in local markets

In every usual tourist destinations in Vietnam, explore it with exotic straits, will bring some new nuances to your trips.

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