Try a day working as salt-maker in Bac Lieu


If you always think that Mekong Delta tour to Bac Lieu is not interesting to explore, this article can make you rethink the land.


Salt field

As a great source of salt in the Mekong Delta, salt fields are a feature of Bac Lieu Province. The salt fields are divided into rows with large squares. Under the hot sun, salt farmers are attentive to work with the salt crystallized in the sparkling white. Bac Lieu has quite clean sea water with high salinity, which helps people in here have the good and quick harvested salt. Salt-making village seems to exist only in the dry coastal areas of the Central, yet you can find one in Bac Lieu where people have been living thanks to this traditional profession of making salt, which is a great experience for your Mekong Delta tour.


High-quality salt

When you enjoy Mekong Delta tailor-made tour to Bac Lieu, trying a day from morning to night to visit the salt makers here, observe the process of making salt will be a great experience in your life. The salt here is because of not only the salty taste of the clean sea but also the hard-working of Bac Lieu people.

Coming here, you will find out that when people refer to the fish of Mekong River, they will think of Bac Lieu salt that is mint to make a wonderful sauce. Salt here is special for its whiteness and high ingredients of nutrition in the salt. In the early morning, you can see many salt makers work hard, which is a beautiful and lively picture.


Hard-working salt-maker

According to local people, Bac Lieu salt-making village here has long appeared since the beginning of the country. Bac Lieu has two salt-making districts: Dong Hai and Hoa Binh. Previously, it was called Ba Thac salt (from the ancient land of Hau river), then Long Dien salt (because of the largest area of cultivation). Bac Lieu salt is so famous that it can supply salt for all six cities in the South and Indochinese countries.

If you are wondering things to do in Mekong Delta, then a tour to Bac Lieu salt making village must be a wonderful option. Why? Although the production process of Bac Lieu is not different from that of Soc Trang and Tra Vinh provinces, the hierarchy of sun drying in the production process in each province will have different names. In salt production, water exposure is an important determinant of salt quality. The impurities in the seawater through the drying stage will gradually settle in the evaporator and will produce a white and clean salt product due to not many impurities.

Today, the people of Bac Lieu still maintain the traditional and scientific method but gradually replace the human with more modern machinery. However, salt making village in Bac Lieu, like other salt villages, always have to depend much on the weather. This job of making salt is very precarious and extreme as the salty sweater of local people.

In a local voice, a man expressing, “Salt once made, if no one buys then the local will get hungry for the whole season”. Every season, salt maker wish for sunny weather, the favorable weather to salt crystallized. Take a whole day long scraping but a late afternoon rain will make the work in the day become nothing. There is a season when the people here are anxious to overflow of seawater or floods, which can affect on the quality of salt. As a result, the local people always have to find secondary jobs to earn for their lives instead of completely sticking to the village.

As of the difficulty in making salt, many areas of salt fields have been converted to shrimp farming. But some Bac Lieu salt-making villages are persistent in their existence and development not only for their livelihoods but also for their pride of the region.

Over the ups and downs of history, in 2010 Bac Lieu salt making village was officially recognized as a traditional village. The salty sweat still falls on the field to make the best quality salt as well as to prove the sticking and enduring of Bac Lieu salt making a village.

Take a Mekong Delta Vietnam private tour to Bac lieu salt making village will give you the chance to admire the beauty of this region and understand more about a unique part of Vietnam culture. Believe it or not, this is sure one of the best experience of your lifetime.

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