Vietnam day tours – discovering Tra Su melaleuca forest within a day

Let’s add Tra Su melaleuca forest into your Vietnam day tours handbook as a worthy destination. Joining Tra Su melaleuca forest tour, the tourists will enjoy the fresh nature, peaceful space and enjoy the rustic dishes of this countryside.

The poetic beauty of Tra Su makes tourists irresistible

The poetic beauty of Tra Su makes tourists irresistible

A trip to An Giang to visit Tra Su mangrove forest, one of the ecosystems in the western floodplain of the Hau River have made a very special impression in the heart of visitors. Trying one time to travel here to feel the complete peace of the nature in Southern Vietnam. From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can easily come to Chau Doc by the most popular street in case you want to have a self-guided trip to this landscape by your beloved “iron horse”. Here is the direction for you. You drive along Highway 1A through My Thuan bridge, turn right along Highway 80 direction Sa Dec, Vam Cong ferry to Long Xuyen (An Giang). From Long Xuyen, tourists drive along Highway 91 to Chau Doc. The voyage to Chau Doc is about 250 kilometers long.

The gate of Tra Su ecotourism area

The gate of Tra Su ecotourism area

Located beside the junction of Chau Doc River and Hau River, Chau Doc is the famous tourist center of An Giang province in particular and of the Mekong Delta in general. With a variety of ecosystems and impressive beauty of nature, Tra Su melaleuca forest is considered as a "waterway". Tra Su has become a gorgeous tourist attraction which lures many visitors.

This forest is located about 30 km from Chau Doc City. It is considered as the most typical and unique natural habitat conservation zone of the wetland ecosystem in the Mekong Delta. The road to Melaleuca forest is asphalted to the forest gate. To get to Tra Su, tourists will walk about 500 meters to the forest entrance. An interesting Vietnam day trip is waiting for you!

The duckweeds covering the surface of water and green trees along the road will give visitors a sense of closeness and friendliness. At there, visitors will use a boat to visit the Melaleuca forests.

The duckweeds

The duckweeds cover the surface of water as a charming grass carpet

With an area of nearly 850 hectares, Tra Su melaleuca forest is covered with a green color. Visitors will be eager to enter into the melaleuca forest to explore the unique ecosystem at this site. Occasionally, visitors will encounter birds parked on the trunk, lilies, lotus flowers or even on the duckweed. The boat driver will stop so that visitors can enjoy the quiet space and record the beautiful moment of nature at here.

After arriving at a stop in the forest, visitors will be transferred to a small rowing boat. From here, the boat takes the tourists to the most beautiful area of Tra Su. Duckweed covering full of the surface of the water making an interesting and poetic view. The residents living in the Melaleuca forest are not only rowing boat drivers but also tour guides who introduce the loveliness of Tra Su for travelers. The boat driver will travel slowly enough for you to feel the tranquil nature, to watch the birds park on the melaleuca trees, pass the green ancient melaleuca forests and penetrate to the forest.

The local people always spend an enthusiastic reception for visitors

The local people always spend an enthusiastic reception for visitors

Melaleuca forests are most beautiful in the floating-water season (from September to November). The duckweed covers a green carpet on the "road surface". Sometimes, the sound of oars, birds, fish … disturbs the quiet space of the green forest.

In this forest, there is an observatory which helps visitors can see the whole 845 hectares of forest. From the observatory, visitors may see some mountains in the That Son mountain strip in Chau Doc such as Ong Kep mountain(Anh Vu Son), Cam mountain (Thien Cam Son), Di Lac Buddha 33.6 m located on the mountain of Ong Cam.

After visiting the cajuput forest, visitors can rest and relax in the bothy and enjoy the rural and specialties there. Especially, with the featured cuisine of southwestern-Southern Vietnam such as grilled fish, sour fish broth …  It is one of the reasons which attracts travelers take part in Tra Su tours.

Just come here and make more plentiful your Vietnam day tours collection!