Where to go in the Mekong Delta


Thanks to the region’s diversity, a visit to Mekong Delta, which comprises 12 provinces, is so mesmerizing. There is no need to worry about where to go and what to do in the Mekong Delta. 

Can Tho

Can Tho

Can Tho (Source: Internet)

If a population of around a million people makes Can Tho the biggest city in the Mekong Delta, its vibrant student population, colorful floating markets, diverse cuisine and walkable city center make Can Tho the most popular of the Mekong Delta destinations and even one of the top must-see destinations in Vietnam.

Sprawling for miles from its waterfront promenade out to the surrounding green/yellow rice paddies and forest, Can Tho seems to be a veritable metropolis well worth visiting on a Mekong Delta tour. Most people travel here with the main aim of visiting the famous floating markets but a handful of lesser diversions on dry land will help make you excited and keep you amused in the meantime.

In Can Tho, which is imbued with the culture of water, canals are considered as streets, giving great beauty to this big city – the economic, cultural, and political center of the delta. Almost tourist to Can Tho, whose simple, poetic beauty is created by the river villages, densely populated, affluent villages hiding in the shadow of coconut trees is beginning to have doubts about how charming and exciting Can Tho floating markets are.

Can Tho Floating Market

Can Tho floating market (Source: Internet)

Having existed for a long time in the region, it basically is a market specializing in selling fruits and agricultural products of the whole region, where people sell and buy goods on water. These highly recommended markets on the water like Cai Rang floating market, Phong Dien Floating Market are famous for making the most of the experience in the countryside. In Can Tho, which is a potential landscape service for tourists, you can also pay a visit to Ninh Kieu Port and Bang Lang Garden.

What’s more? Can Tho has a lot going for it in its mixture of old and new. Some of the best restaurants in the delta, tons of proper old-school Vietnamese eateries and a pretty riverfront can be found here.

For all these fascinating features, Can Tho is a perfect starting point for anyone hoping to see what South Vietnam has to offer.

Ben Tre – the Kingdom of coconut

Ben Tre

Ben Tre (Source: Internet)

An area of fertile flatlands, extensive waterways, intricate canals, sand-hillocks, green paddy fields and lush fruit gardens, Ben Tre is not only one of the major agricultural suppliers in the Mekong Delta but also a place to visit in this region. Cultivated alluvium by the two rivers Co Chieng and Ham Luong, Cai Mon Fruit Garden in Ben Tre is the largest fruit garden in the South, where you can taste various agricultural produces, especially fruits such as coconut, durian, shaddock, etc.

Ben Tre wins travelers’ heart by the vast green orchards – the haven of fruit specialties where you are allowed to stroll around, pick the fresh fruits from the trees by yourselves and try directly as you want. In addition to this special feature of Ben Tre, this province also has other natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions for you to visit such as Vam Ho Bird Garden- where you can learn the lives of thousands of birds on the tree and satisfy your photography favorite; Dua Religion Site, Tuyen Linh Temple and Dong Khoi Village.

In terms of its scenic beauty, sleepy and laidback atmosphere, historical significance, exotic cuisine and the warm welcome of lovely locals, Ben Tre is a peaceful getaway away from the city’s chaotic vibe.

Dong Thap

Dong Thap

Dong Thap (Source: Internet)

With a jaw-dropping natural landscape rich in cultural and historical treasures, Dong Thap province which is home to three national parks: Tram Chim, Go Thap and Xeo Quyt holds great potential as a stunning and diverse tourist attraction in the Mekong Delta. On a Dong Thap tour, do not miss Thap Muoi – a large area full of brilliant lotus and purple water lily flowers in flood season; Sa Dec flower village, where you will always be welcomed by hundreds of species of precious flowers and plants. Stunning dishes to eat in Dong Thap including Rice Steamed in Lotus Leaves (Com goi la sen), Hotpot with Paddy Crab Paste (Lau rieu cua dong), Sa Dec Rice Noodle Soup (hu tieu Sa Dec), Snakehead Fish smoked in rice straw (ca loc nuong trui), Hotpot with Linh Fish and Cork Flower (Lau ca linh bong dien dien), etc. are also a reason for a trip to this spectacular province.

Whether it is Vietnam holiday or family tour, mekongreviews promises that the Mekong Delta will be a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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