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5 best Vietnam holiday packages


Vietnam is emerging as one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia. The country offers tourists a distinct culture, quintessential food, world best beaches and caves and all at an affordable price. Decide which to do in Vietnam for your holiday can sometimes be a headache.

Here is our suggestion of 5 best Vietnam holiday packages. They are what travel expert will take for themselves, something you could trust!

Heritage Path in central

The tour will take you on a journey through tangible and intangible heritage sites in the Central region including Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park which owns the world largest cave ever been discovered; Hue Ancient Capital with complex of Hue monuments and Hue Royal Court Music; My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Ancient Town.

Hoian Ancient Town

Hoian Ancient Town

Each stop in your itinerary is one-of-a-kind and all are recognized by UNESCO. If you wish to have an in-depth experience of local culture and history instead of a purely sightseeing tour, this Vietnam package tour is for you.
In 2005, Heritage Path became the main theme of the year promoted by Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Some travel operator even extends the “path” to include Luangprabang (Laos) and Angkor Wat (Cambodia).

Trekking in the north

Vietnam is much more than street food and rich history. Less known than other types of tourism but you can found pretty awesome trekking route in the North of the country. Trekking in Vietnam spans the entire spectrum, from an easy walk through scenic villages to adventurous, multi-day jungle treks.
During the trip, you will see high mountain ranges with spectacular terrace fields serving as the backdrop. However, the local ethnic minority group and their distinct culture are what set Vietnam trekking tour apart. Take a break at a local homestay and recharge with their food and their incredible hospitality.
Some of the best trekking and hiking destination: Sapa with Fansipan peak, Ha Giang with Stone Plateau, Cao Bang.

Long beach

Long Beach – Phu Quoc Island

The tours mentioned above is most recommended and received many good feedbacks from other tourists. Therefore, they are more likely to be your best Vietnam holiday package, but it doesn’t if you have your own itinerary. Good luck and enjoy!

Hanoi city tour and  Overnight Halong cruise

Hanoi city tour has always been on top of any holiday package to Vietnam. Indeed, how can you skip this 1000-year-old capital and its vibrant culture?
Hanoi is a modern, dynamic city but at the same time an ancient, mythical capital. Many Vietnam best dishes can easily be found at any corner around the city.

Halong Cruise

Halong cruise

Once you are in Hanoi, why not make a visit to Vietnam’s iconic destination which is just 165 km away. The world-renowned Halong Bay has amazed millions of tourists by its otherworldly scenery. A 2-day cruise is just ideal to discover the bay. Indulge in emerald water and pristine beaches, what could be better than that for your stress-free holiday.

Mekong Delta tour

Venturing through the paddy fields and swamplands of Mekong Delta is the best introduction to the South. Mekong Delta is often the most favourite Vietnam group tour packages.

Rice field in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta

The region is considered as the “rice bowl” of Vietnam because it produces over one-third of the country total annual food crop. Paddy fields spread an eye-pleasing green over the land which is divided by small rivers.

The charm of Mekong Delta is not something that blows your mind when you first see it but is in ordinary local life. The little kids riding on the backs of water buffalo, school girls elegant in white “ao dai”, local people rowing boat and their warm smile when you photograph them.
The simple everyday scenes that get into your heart and never let go.

Beach holiday for family

Holiday traveling is about spending time with your beloved family. Relaxing on the white sandy beach, playing with the waves sound perfect for a family vacation. With the coastline of 3,260 km long (excluding islands) giving the S-shaped country a collection of beautiful beaches in which many are voted among world best beaches.

More and more resort overlooking the beach are built to provide guests with a variety of accommodation options, from budget hostels to high-end hotels. The hotels are kid-friendly, and Vietnam is totally safe for your children, so you don't have to worry about bringing them.
Some of Vietnam best beach mekongreviews think you should consider: Long beach (Phu Quoc), An Bang Beach (Hoi An), Nha Trang  City Beach.

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