Roughly within five years back or so, a type of accommodation known as the homestay in Vietnam has been gradually seen as a boom that contributed greatly to the evolvement in the tourism industry of the country. Homestay is operated targeted at customers whose demand for authentic and diverse experiences is growing, besides the need for a typical Vietnam cultural tour and a regular place for sleep such as hotels, motels or resorts. A tropical Asian country like Vietnam seems to have it all. Each specific region is likely to bring out a unique prism for travelers based on the area’s special characteristics. A review below walks you through several well-known homestays in the land of Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam just in case you are planning for an upcoming Vietnam culture tours.


Mekong Delta

What is a homestay?

Homestay is a classification of accommodation where tourists are able to stay and live alongside with their local hosts in a city they visit. Realistically, besides its role as a place to sleep or simply stay in, a homestay provides its guests with multiple experiences and activities planned by the host family such as shopping at a local market, cooking with the host members or just a daily chit-chat and so on.

What can a homestay in Mekong offer you?

Let’s pick Vĩnh Long as the first destination in this list. This province is precisely located right in the middle of the large Mekong Delta, neighbored by Tiền Giang, Bến Tre, Trà Vinh, Đồng Tháp and Cần Thơ, all of which frequently show up in various Vietnam culture tours. An Bình Islet in Vĩnh Long is a highly reputed domain appealing a lot of visits of both foreign and domestic travelers. One of a wide range of homestays you can find here is hosted by Mr. Ba Lình whose business given a namesake.


Homestay in Vĩnh Long

“Once, our family offered several travel services mostly aimed at regular visitors. Many of them departed leaving behind deep regret as not fully satisfied with the service availability here. We simply lacked a lot. From then on, we happened to offer something called a homestay where our guests could just stay over for a night. We then started to eat and cook together, it seemed like our guests had a pretty local life, just like we did. They seemed to really like it, by the way, something they have never had in their life by far though” – shared Ba Lình.

Staying over at a local Mekong homestay rewards you with many activities such as catching fish in a muddy ditch, cycling around rural villages, harvesting tropical fruits, boat sailing, gardening, planting, preparing a meal with the host families or enjoying Đờn Ca Tài Tử folklore performance and the list go on. An Bình Islet welcomes foreign visitors almost every single day alongside with several Vietnamese paying a visit mainly on weekends. Friendliness, comfort, helpfulness, and smiles are the impressive attraction of locals in here. Typical architecture found here is made out of natural materials such as wood or bamboo, something the extremely Mekong for the best taste of the real Southwest Vietnam ever.



The following candidate in the list is Tiền Giang Province, a neighboring city of Vĩnh Long as mentioned. Happy Farm Tiền Giang Homestay is a familiar name in the Vietnamese wanderlust community. Highlight in the campus of Happy Farm Tiền Giang Homestay is a greenish natural space bringing a serene and relaxing ambiance. Visitors stopping by this site for a couple of days will be able to run away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities back home. Happy Farm is a promised land giving you a chance to learn deeply about Mekong culture and daily life of Mekong citizens. Tree planting, gardening, hens feeding, fruits harvesting, joining in a cooking class and visiting surrounding veggies farms offer both educational and unique experiences, especially for those who travel with children. This is basically the best of culture tour in Vietnam you can ever find.


Catching fish in a muddy ditch

Beside Mekong Delta, other lands across the country you can seek for the best types of both traditional and modern homestays are Dalat, a Central Highland city, Sapa, a famous Northwestern mountainous highland in Lào Cai Province or Danang and Hoian Old Quarter in the Central coastal part of Vietnam. These cities, apart from such type of accommodation, will be surely able to provide the best Vietnam culture tours at the same time.

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