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A look into gigantic villa of a Mekong rich kid | Travel to Bạc Liêu


Bạc Liêu is an outstanding province in the area of Cà Mau Peninsula, a large wetland at the end of the S-shaped country, Vietnam. However, it seems like apart from the local dwellers, foreign tourists have very little acknowledgment towards taking a Vietnam tour to this city. One of the achievements that Bạc Liêu has gained for itself is the sensational villa of a mandarin’s son that none of the Mekong citizens have ever heard of. Does your travel to Southern Vietnam highlights this? If not, you may think twice.


Villa’s front face

The building is now located at 13 Điện Biên Phủ Street, Ward 3, Bạc Liêu City, right next to the massive Bạc Liêu River. It was first constructed in 1919 when Trần Trinh Huy, the man character I was mentioning above, was reaching his early 20s.


Mandarin’s son portrait

The house was built based on a French architect’s designation and every single material was brought directly from France. After its inauguration, the villa was recorded to be the most magnificent building all over Mekong Delta at the time. Huy was infamous for his stories as a rich kid who led a loose life. He was a VIP customer to plenty of high-end hotels in Saigon, gambled away with all of his cash and even flew in a helicopter during his visits to his own rice paddies. Some rumors were made about his one outrageous paper note-burning story just for boiling eggs.


Trần Trinh Huy and his first lady

Over a century has passed, yet the edifice has still maintained its basic beauty. Each boulon was carved with an artistic letter P on top, which proved its origin from the splendid Paris. This is typically a spacious villa, which was once called as a “Big House” in the local term. Currently, the site is a segment of “Bạc Liêu Mandarin’s son hotel-restaurant complex” attracting thousands of visits. If you are thinking of signing up for a Vietnam private tour visiting Bạc Liêu, you will definitely have a chance to witness this gigantic manor.


A corner of the interior

Its ground floor has two different bedrooms, two large fancy lobbies along with massive stairs leading to the second floor, which was equipped with three more bedrooms and two other spacious lobbies. The first steps into the house will surely leave you breathless with elegant construction details that grant the whole house with luxurious ambiance. Golden lights were furnished to illuminate the whole interior, which accordingly offers a cozy atmosphere.


Vintage telephone

A massive alter stands solemnly upholding the master’s heydays. When dusk takes over the whole site, you may be left breathless once standing on the balcony zooming out to the peaceful landscape sleeping when the Sun is gradually gone. Beyond, there is a restaurant placed right close by the villa, where you may find it hard to have a cup of coffee inside the master’s campus.


Fancy classic furnishings

Moreover, the place has remained a spectacular room known as “the Master’s room”, which used to be owned by the Mandarin’s son himself, Trần Trinh Huy. Visitors are allowed to make a reservation to stay in the room. The thing is, it must be booked a month in advance. The bedroom I fully equipped with a king-sized double bed, air conditioner, television, and a desk. Other furnishings are all exquisite and subtle, especially a nostalgic telephone made in the French colonial age which is still able to function. After a long progress of renovation, the edifice of Bạc Liêu Mandarin’s son has gained its reputation as one of the most sought-after attractions all over Mekong Delta. This lesser-known city owns such a great potential to be a famed focal point in customized Vietnam private tours that you can consider a visit to the ending land of Southern Vietnam.



Beside this sensational icon, Bạc Liêu is able to offer you various attractions such as a wind-power site, Bạc Liêu Bird Sanctuary, ancient longan orchards, a vast mangrove forest, and way many more. Are you looking for hidden gems that other tourists hardly ever know? Do not hesitate to find the best private tours in Southern Vietnam for yourself.

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