All you need to know about a lesser-known Mekong Delta ancient house


Thanks to a positive interference of cutting-edge social media nowadays, finding some worthwhile Vietnam tailor-made tours seems to be a snap of a finger. Today, with a brand new introduction offered by the wetland of Mekong Delta, we are about to walk you through an interesting ancient house constructed at the end of the XIX century in the middle of a quiet islet. Welcome to Cai Cường Ancient House!


Welcome to Vĩnh Long

Sitting quietly on the bank of a small canal

Born by the side of the little Cái Muối Canal packed with full of boats and movement, Cai Cường Ancient House can be found in Bình Hoà Phước Commune, Long Hồ District, Vĩnh Long Province. Brought life to the same section of time with the rest of the famous ancient houses in Mekong Delta, Cai Cường bears a significant architectural fusion of both European and traditional oriental details.


Moving to the islet

The house initially belonged to Phạm Văn Bổn, a big landlord managing a vast land in town during the second half of the XIX century. Given the fact that Bổn was the most well-off guy in the area, Vĩnh Long citizens referred to him as “Cai Cường”, which is literally translated into “a wealthy lessor”.

The spectacular architecture of Cai Cường Ancient House

Cai Cường Ancient House was built in form of a Chinese letter 丁 back in the year 1885, which consists of two perpendicular compartments, whose facade faces Cái Muối Canal. When joining in a Vietnam private tour to Cai Cường Ancient House, you would easily spot out the spectacular combination of both Western and Eastern designation well reflected from the interior and exterior of the heritage-like villa. This fusion between French and Vietnamese architecture is subtly represented by an Oriental color on the inside while the European breath comes from the outside.


Cai Cường Ancient House

Cai Cường was recorded to reach 15 meters in width, constructed by a set of precious ironwood pillars whose height is 6 meters sharp. The whole building is splendidly covered with the Yin and Yang and the fish scale titles. Running right in front of the façade is a long spacious corridor featured two open doors on both sides. Apart from those, you may spot out various embossments greatly carved atop the pillars and ceiling, which follows the iconic Renaissance art. Such well-made details are not only able to provide an artistic look for the house, yet also lessen the negative impact of bad climate condition, especially the regular rainfalls hitting Mekong Delta almost half a year.


Đờn Ca Tài Tử

Now, it is time to move further into the house. As previously mentioned, the whole vibe of Cai Cường Ancient House was made out of precious woods and framed up in the traditional Asian style. The whole construction was divided into three main sections. The very first two compartments at the front and in the middle were used as a spacious living room, which observed the greeting and talks between the master and his guests. These two parts were separated by a massive wooden wall. That one last section in the back was a private living area for the whole Cai Cường family. Last but not least, the very vivid feature that lights up this spectacular building is a collection of windows of all sizes, all of which are usually open in order to welcome a good amount of sunlight and wind into the house. If you are a fan of architecture and always aspiring to search for new things everywhere you step to, then Cai Cường Ancient House will definitely be a great focal point in this tailor-made private tour in Vietnam.


Rambutan garden

Interesting activities and experiences are now widely organized

Taking part in a Vietnam tailor-made private tour to this venue, you would be offered a wide range of authentic Mekong experiences such as joining in a show of Đờn Ca Tài Tử (Mekong Delta folklore singing performance, harvesting tropical fruits in the shady huge garden, and especially, you would be granted a chance to stay overnight in the two bedrooms of the house. What is more exciting than spending a night in a serene islet while tasting the tea, getting to hear the untold stories of the region and cooking with Mekong natives.


Elephant Ear Fish

Now, with this very mind-blowing disclosure, your alternatives for Vietnam tailor-made tours would be so expanded. Why not contact your closest tour operator and request a special trip to Vĩnh Long for a night at Cai Cường Ancient House.

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