You might have heard a lot about ancient towns (like Hoi An Ancient Town) and ancient villages (like Duong Lam Ancient Village – Hanoi City, Tuy Loan Ancient Village – Danang City, Phuoc Tich Ancient Village – Thua Thien Hue province) in Vietnam. Here, we list Chau Giang – a Cham Village to visit on your Chau Doc tour – a less-known yet one of the most beautiful ancient villages in Vietnam, where you can experience the local peaceful lifestyle of some of the largest ethnic Cham communities in Vietnam, their ancient architecture and unique culture as well as the graceful landscapes.

Why is Chau Giang well worth a visit?


Cham Village in Chau Doc

Being the closest large town to the Vietnamese-Cambodian border crossing, Chau Doc is home to diverse ethnic and religious communities. Due to its location at a meeting point of a tributary linking the Bassac and Mekong Rivers, Chau Doc is where Vietnamese Buddhists, Khmer Buddhists, ethnic Chinese, and Muslim Cham living peacefully side by side.

There are 7 Cham Villages with roughly 13,000 Cham people living in 2,100 households on Chau Giang Islet across the Hau River separated from Chau Doc by a river. Among these 7 ones, Chau Giang, also known by its Cham name as Koh Taboong where people live mainly by weaving is the most famous Muslim village and a must-stop destination on any Chau Doc tour. Thanks to these large Cham communities, Chau Giang is such an interesting destination to visit from a cultural perspective.

What to see in Chau Giang Village?


Chau Giang Village

As you enter the ancient village Cham people, classified as one of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic minorities, your mind would be comforted well by the primitive and simple atmosphere. This village includes picturesque scenery like the glimpses of green which turn out to be vast swathes of rice paddies but the highlight must be the stilt houses usually roofed with palm leaves or tiles with a unique and traditional design – three pillars and three tiled roofs.

Locals are known for being especially friendly (don’t be surprised to be invited to sit on a mat and served tea and cakes) with their round hats, long-sleeve shirts, a black or white turban, and sarong (traditional Cham dress) – for Cham men and long dresses, headbands, and face veils – for Cham women adding to its already-cheerful ambiance. Together with the vibrant main markets and many mosques distinguished with unique architecture and meticulous decorations, Chau Giang Village is your ideal place to savor the authentic features of a Muslim village and a great destination for photographers.

What to do in the Cham Village in Chau Doc?

 A Cham Muslim wedding in a small village near Chau Doc, Vietnam.

Cham Muslim wedding in Chau Doc

Simply walking the town’s broad, clean, and pretty streets featuring neat cement houses – a nice contrast from the typical wooden Vietnamese houses or wandering along the pretty waterfront promenade nearby is a pleasure in itself. But a trip to one of the tourist attractions in Chau Doc is also a chance to visit plenty of sights bound to please religion, culture, and history buffs. These sights include Masjid mosque – Chau Doc’s largest mosque which has the symbols of the sun and the crescent moon, representing Islamic and the Con Tien Bridge – where you will suddenly be in the presence of burqa-wearing women and men in hats, long-sleeve shirts, and sarong (traditional Cham dress).

If you want to do more than just contemplating Cham People’s Culture, visiting Cham People’s weave fabric at Cham Village, and buying their traditional craft products and unique patterned cloths created by handmade wooden looms, a night spent at a wooden stilt homestay to experience the simple and peaceful life of locals in the Muslim Village is an unforgettable memory on your best tours in Vietnam.

Want to see the old towns or villages in Vietnam on your Vietnam private tours to seek the ancient charm of this country? There are a series of that kind of small yet charming places with very old unique architectural styles of the locals, featured folk culture of the local villagers, peaceful untouched sceneries for your aftertastes, and long rich history telling the fascinating stories during the past few years, decades, and even centuries. Check the details of Cham Village in Chau Giang, Chau Doc and decide whether to visit it in 2018 or not.

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