Explore the charming beauty of Phong Dien Floating Market


Can Tho is a charming beautiful land with gentle rivers, immense rice fields, large orchards, delicious foods, and friendly people. Visiting this land in a Mekong Delta tour, you shouldn’t miss Phong Dien floating market – one of the greatest attractions of Can Tho recommended to you in a lot of Mekong Delta tour reviews.

1. Overview

Phong Dien floating market is a local market where people sell, buy, and exchange products. It’s also a famous and attractive tourist destination in the Mekong Delta. This market is located right in the confluence of three rivers in which Can Tho River leave Hau River. It’s located about 17km to the southeast of Can Tho city center. This market often begins at 4 or 5 a.m. when the sun is budding off in the skyline and ends at 7 or 8 a.m. when the sun has risen high in the sky.


[Market begins at the early morning]

2. Traditional beauty

Unlike Cai Rang floating market where people mainly sell agricultural products, Phong Dien market has all types of goods. Each boat is a small shop selling household items, working tools such as boats, roofing sheets, knives, hoes, maces; fishing equipment like net, lagoon, traps, etc.; bamboo-weaving products like baskets, sieve; and so many other common locally-made and imported grocery goods!


[Phong Dien floating market]

Moreover, the greatest attraction of Phong Dien floating market must be food vendors. This food paradise gives you a wide range of choices. You can order a lot of foods, drinks, and snack you like for the breakfast like coffee, Vietnam fetal duck egg, vermicelli with grilled pork, duck and vegetable salad, Phnom-penh clear rice noodle soup, rice gruel with black pudding, rice cake soup and so much more. Visiting Phong Dien floating market with a Mekong Delta guide, sitting on a small boat and enjoying a hot bowl of soup and a cup of coffee for breakfast, you will have the most enjoyable trip in this charming land.


[Food vendor in Phong Dien]

And the main specialty of Phong Dien market is undeniably fruits, tropical fruits of the Mekong Delta orchards. You can try and buy a lot of fresh fruits collected from large fruit gardens in the Mekong Delta, such as orange, mandarin, mango, apricot, durian, milk fruit, or mangosteen.

3. New attractions

Currently, there are many new services in this market, such as floating petrol stations with the containing capacity of several thousand litres to sell for the boats going back and forth, scale repairing workshop, engine fixing shop, and floating tailor shops that serve customers instantly. In general, you can find any goods and services you see in a normal market in Phong Dien.


[Flower boat]

Moreover, there are dozens of small boats for tourists to hire and explore this market. The boat owners are normally local people, therefore, they can work as a boat sailor and also a tour guide. While big trading boats can mooring for business, these small boats can sneak in the dense river and take you to visit around the market easily. You can hire a boat with some friends and enjoy your exciting Mekong Delta group tour in Phong Dien floating market, explore the interesting marketing style and enjoy an amazing shopping day.


[Fruit boats in Phong Dien market]

After exploring and shopping around Phong Dien floating market, you can go downstream along Tra Nien Canal to visit the Tomb of the Bachelor Phan Van Tri, or visit pretty villages, large fruit gardens, experience the life of local people and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in these villages in Nhon Ai, Nhon Nghia, Tan Thoi, or Truong Lac. which have been famous gardening economic centers for years.


[Visit fruit gardens in Phong Dien]

Nowadays, although the road system is built and developed to remote villages of Can Tho as well as the Mekong Delta, floating markets still remain as a highlight of the cultural life of this land. Phong Dien is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Can Tho city. It exists as a cultural beauty of this locality and attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists. A lot of professional services are developed around this site, so you can enjoy the most comfortable and wonderful Mekong Delta tour here.


[A “shop” in Phong Dien market]

There are many attractions waiting for your exploration in Phong Dien floating market in Can Tho. Visiting the Mekong Delta, you shouldn’t miss a trip to explore this charming marketing lifestyle of local people.

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