Mekong Delta adventure tour


The hustle and bustle of city life and heavy workload sometimes put us under great pressure. If you feel stressed or get angry easily, taking a tour of a peaceful region is not a bad choice. There are many people love to travel to the North Vietnam group tour, but others feel interested in the culture of Mekong River delta in the South of the country. Different from the North, Mekong Delta is located in the area which has the ideal weather with two specific seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Thanks to the sedimentation of the two upstream rivers: Tien and Hau River, the land here is fertile which is a favorable factor for the agriculture development. 

Mekong Delta tour is considered as an adventure trip because there are a lot of awesome things to do in Mekong Delta

Straying in orchards


Mandarin orange garden in Dong Thap

Fruit garden is must-visit places when tourists come to the Mekong Delta. The warm climate, abundant fresh water, and experience of skilled gardeners are conditions which help the orchards always full of ripe fruits. This not only helps to increase agricultural production but also attracts a large number of visitors each month. There are many famous fruit gardens like Thai Lieu-Binh Duong, My Khanh-Can Tho, Cai Mon-Ben Tre, Trung An-Cu Chi, and Vinh Long. Some of them are situated in the radian of 10 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City that is easy for tourists to come and visit. Coming in the garden likes straying into a world of fruits with a variety of delicious fruits such as durian, rambutan, mango, longan, mangosteen, tangerine and so on.

From May to September is the most suitable time to take a Mekong Delta adventure tour, which is fruit crop harvest. The price for roaming on peaceful and idyllic gardens is quite cheap from 50,000-200,000VNĐ. Apart from summertime, tourists can still be tripped in orchards whose have seasonal fruit such as mandarin orange garden in Dong Thap. The images of gentle girls in traditional clothes is also an attractive symbol for the beauty of this region. It is great that you can take professional photographs for free in the world of ripening fruits under the sunshine.


Tourists participating in funny game -catching fish in the orchard

An interesting thing is that tourists have a chance to pick up and enjoy fresh fruits in the garden. Catching fish in the garden is another exciting game. The owner of the garden will provide you with all the necessary tools with a cheap price, and now, you are free to catch as much fish as you can. Besides, you can sit in a small boat, go along a small canal and watch poetic sceneries. Tourists also have great opportunities to visit the fruit processing places located next to the gardens, experience the traditional lifestyle of local inhabitants.

Traditional folk art


Traditional folk art- Don Ca Tai Tu

People here are diligent and friendly, they appreciate the spiritual culture and traditional folk music named “Don Ca Tai Tu”, a part of their rural habits. It is the ethnic music of Vietnam that has been recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage. Don Ca Tai Tu is a custom which has a large influence on over twenty-one provinces of the South. This typical folk art of the South left beautiful memories with both domestic and international tourists participating in Mekong delta adventure tour because of special melody and its meaning. It reflects the thoughts, feelings, dreams and the creation of liberal people; connects people with people as well as establishes strong relationships. Bac Lieu, Binh Duong, Tien Giang, Ho Chi Minh city are provinces having a large number of folk music artists.

Floating markets


Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho

Without visiting floating markets, your Mekong Delta adventure won’t be perfect because this is a specialty of this complex and extensive river system. Floating markets open in the very early morning. From 5 am to 8 am is the period of time of the most joyful atmosphere. The colorful markets are full of boats that bring fresh farm products, clothes, wine, meat, fish or even some animal like snake, gecko, turtle, and bird. The way of trading is also special, they buy and sell by throwing products to other boats. You can find what you want just by standing and looking because all products are displayed on the boat surface. Along the river, tourist can experience the daily life of local people in this river region. There are many famous floating markets: Cai Rang-Can Tho, Nga Bay-Hau Giang, Nga Nam-Soc Trang, Cai Be-Tieng Giang, Long Xuyen-An Giang…

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