Mekong girl’s thought on Mekong Delta


If you have ever tossed this question of “Southern Vietnam group tours” on the Internet, Mekong Delta will definitely show up. Why is that? Why is this Southern end of the country always getting hot that even Vietnamese locals from the rest of the country crave for a visit at least once in their lifetime? Let’s find out!


Catching fish

A brief introduction about Mekong Delta

History of Mekong is frequently told by many local guides in their group tours in South Vietnam. Just by looking at the map, you can easily spot out Mekong Delta as a large wetland located at the very end at the Southern face of this S-shaped country and enclosed by the Gulf of Thailand in the West and the gigantic Pacific Ocean in the East. Geographically, the Delta is torn apart by a massive Mekong River cradling from the severe Tibet Mountain, threading through Southern countries of Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, entering Southern Vietnam before mingling with the East Sea. From here, a mighty kingdom called Funan had been existing between the 1st and 6th century CE. This resulted in a following ancient kingdom born known as Khmer Empire covering a huge region from Mekong Delta to Northern Malaysia. Khmer was also regarded as pre-Cambodia that officially ended in the XIX century when the expansion of Vietnam had greatly taken over the whole part of Mekong Delta nowadays. Today, Mekong Delta is home to various communities such as Chinese, Khmer, Cham, and Viet, meanwhile, the Viet community is known to be the largest group making up 90 percent of Mekong population. Hence, there is no doubt that this region gathers a huge colorful collection of diversified culture and customs. This can be sensed through various festivals, cuisine, architecture, language, costume and so on. That is one of the basic reasons that Mekong Delta has become such a unique and special land that contributes to the variety of the whole country. Hence, if you tend to take part in any South Vietnam tours without featuring Mekong Delta, it is going to be a huge mistake since you just miss a gaudy prism into the real Vietnam.


Mekong River in Laos

What can I learn after over two first decades of my life taking Mekong Delta as a hometown?

At the very first years of my existence, Mekong is simply a land with an utmost peaceful, rivers are everywhere, half a year raining like cats and dogs while the other half feels like living in fire. Neighbors around me are the best people I have ever met in my life, with a distinctive sweet accent, helpful, kind, smiley, always wear Nón Lá and most are farmers. Mekong food is not that sweet, even though outlanders always claim that out cuisine seem like containing a ton of sugar in it, which is so weird, or maybe that is derived from our personality, sweet people. Who knows?


Mekong cuisine

An immense network of river and canals along with tropical jungles of all types lead to the fact that natural food ingredients accordingly take root, which is then used to create a wide range of authentic dishes that it may take a lifetime to count. Floating markets are also one of the interesting characteristics that shape the reputation for Mekong Delta. Apart from Cái Răng floating market, there are other various lesser-known selections that you can visit when requesting a customized South Vietnam group tour.


A floating market


Biking in a village

Ghost stories, rumors, myths and untold stories behind historical relics or famous buildings have always grabbed my attention by far. In addition, forms of architecture such as stilt houses, Khmer pagodas, Chinese temples constructed along with French-dominant buildings found all over the region will give you a deeper insight into Mekong dwellers’ culture. If you are keen on having all of this, feel free to contact a South Vietnam group tour in Saigon or any local operator in Mekong Delta cities you are in.


Bat Pagoda – a Khmer temple



Even though I have been away from Mekong for roughly four years, the love and memory about that wetland still emerge. Not only the thought about my family itself, but the food and all of the above play their part as an aim motivating me to learn more about it as days go by.

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