Three off-beat paradises for camping lovers in Mekong Delta


Handicraft villages, coconut candies, rice noodle factories, and rivers are not the only things to put Mekong Delta in the list of the best tours in Vietnam. Today, helloVietnam is walking you through three of our recommendations that suit so well to the need of camping. Scroll down for details!


Camping in Vietnam

1. Núi Cấm – Forbidden Mountain

Welcome to the very first city of Mekong Delta, An Giang. The city has been so familiar with the local Vietnamese with their complex of Seven Mountains, which was formed out of Forbidden Mountain, Cô Tô Mountain, Long Mountain, Tượng Mountain, Két Mountain, water Mountain, and the Five-well Mountain. Amongst those, Forbidden Moun is the most popular.


A huge Happy Buddha statue

Officially named as Thiên Cấm Mount, the site was recorded to be the hugest out of seven and belongs to Tịnh Biên District, An Giang Province. The Mount sits 90 kilometers away from Long Xuyên City and 37 kilometers away from Châu Đốc City.

Forbidden Mountain owns the very first cable car system all over Mekong Delta with a cutting-edge technology and investment. Núi Cấm cable car system includes 16 piers, 89 cabins, and 2 stations. Each hour transfers a maximum of 2000 guests within 15 minutes to reach the peak. Lying 700 meters above sea level, Forbidden Mount bears an enormous view, temperate weather and an utmost greenish scenery all year round. Why not join in a camping tour with helloVietnam tour operator and let us introduce you a collection of exciting activities, sightseeing tour, hiking trips, and cave exploration.


Forbidden Mount

In addition, Forbidden Mount is famous for various magnificent landscapes such as Bồ Hong Hill, Thiên Tuế Hill, Đầu Hill, Bà Hill, Ong Bướm Hill, Thanh Long Stream and a set of solemn Buddhist temples such as Vạn Linh Pagoda, Phật Lớn Pagoda, Phật Nhỏ Pagoda, and the list goes on.

2. Vạn Hương Mai Ecotourism Village

Vạn Hương Mai Ecotourism Village can be found in the center of Mỹ Đức Commune, Châu Phú District, An Giang Province. Today, An Giang is showcasing two of its most well-known venues for those who travel to Vietnam searching for a good camping site, and Vạn Hương Mai is its second offer.


Vạn Hương Mai pool

With only a comfy price of VND 50.000 for an adult and VND 30.000 for a child, you are about to conquer the whole complex of a typical Mekong Delta scenery. Vạn Hương Mai impresses its visitors with a poetic and serene scenario filled with waterways and greenery, which aimed at beating any of your stress around. Vạn Hương Mai Ecotourism Village is a good choice for a weekend runaway, a camping heaven or simply a quick escape for a group of friends or families. Outdoor activities can be found widely throughout the campus. Quickly make your way through Vạn Hương Mai Ecotourism Village and find for yourself a whole large hand-made green plateau.


Welcome to Vạn Hương Mai

3. Phú An Khang Ecotourism Village

if you have surfed around the Internet looking for the best tours in Vietnam, then Bến Tre, a coconut city of Mekong Delta is surely coming up. However, today, we are not going to convince you how great this peaceful city is, yet introducing you a whole brand new tribute from Bến Tre, Phú An Khang Ecotourism Village.


A lovely corner

Where exactly Phú An Khang located? Phú An Khang Ecotourism Village sits right at 319 Phú Lợi, Bình Phú Commune, Bến Tre Province with a spacious windy green campus, a symbolic image of Mekong wetland. With only 90 kilometers away from Hồ Chí Minh City, you are now on the road to this interesting camping site.


Coconut garden

Phú An Khang Ecotourism Village is where you can be led to a whole big kingdom of tropical fruits. Are you from somewhere in the Western continents where frozen weather made it so hard to grow some juicy tropical fruits, which you can only spot out with an insane price at supermarkets? Now, at Phú An Khang Ecotourism Village, camping is not the only thing you find it fun, picking up bunches of fresh fruits in the middle of the shady gardens is what you may look forward to experiencing.

Both An Giang and Bến Tre are frequently cited to be able to offer the best tours in Vietnam, especially around the region of Southern Vietnam. For those camping fans out there, do not forget to note these three down and prepare your next big trip with helloVietnam.

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