Top 10 famous tourist attractions in Ca Mau, Vietnam


If you think that there is nowhere to go in Ca Mau, Vietnam, then you are completely wrong. Ca Mau has long attracted a large number of tourists thanks to its special tourist destinations. To explore this southernmost land, let’s have a closer look at 10 famous tourist sites in Ca Mau below.

Cape Ca Mau

Cape Ca Mau is located in Ngoc Hien District, about 10 km away from Ca Mau City. This is the only place on the mainland in Vietnam where people can see the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Cape Ca Mau is one of the best places in Ca Mau, which attract numerous tourists annually.

Coming to Cape Ca Mau, in addition to taking photos at the bow, the coordinates landmark, visitors can also climb up the observation tower to see the land strip of the country. From here, tourists will see the cluster islands of Hon Khoai on the sea, about 20km from the mainland. They are a beautiful cluster islands including Hon Tuong Island, Hon Sao Island, Hon Kho Island, Hon Lon Island and Hon Doi Moi Island.



Tan Hung House

Tan Hung House was the place where the first flag of Indochinese Communist Party was raised in Ca Mau (1930). This was once the headquarters of the Tan Hung Front Command, the anti-French Front in Ca Mau.

Hon Khoai

Hon Khoai is the largest island, surrounded by 5 small islands. Visitors to Hon Khoai will be attracted by the poetic, wild beauty with round pebbles like goose eggs, along with the primary forest carpet with diverse fauna and flora.

At present, at the highest peak of Hon Khoai, there is still a lighthouse built by the French in the last 19th century. From the lighthouse, tourists can see the beauty of the 5 satellite islands around through a telescope when allowed by the border guards.


Hon Khoai and its lighthouse

Hon Da Bac

Hon Da Bac is a beautiful cluster island, consisting of 3 islands located close to the coast in Kinh Hon Hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay Commune, Tran Van Thoi District. This place has a great potential for ecotourism.

Khai Long Beach Resort

Khai Long Beach Resort lies on the Southeast coast of Cape Ca Mau. This is the should-visit destination in Cau Mau due to the pristine beauty of the beach surrounded by the mangrove forest.

Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary

Belonging to the area of Dam Doi District, Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary is a special place of this Southern Vietnam group tour where all kinds of storks, herons, and other kinds of rare birds gathers. Tourists often come here to enjoy and be immersed in the wild nature of the ecological environment.


Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary

Ca Mau Floating Market

Ca Mau Floating Market has hundreds of boats in all size, which is always full of goods to trade and purchase. The way of buying and selling on the river is a very typical type of culture in Southern Vietnam. The beauty, as well as the very unique character of this area, has attracted a lot of visitors to visit this floating market – a charming tourist attraction of Ca Mau.


Ca Mau Floating Market

Thi Tuong Lagoon

Thi Tuong Lagoon is a large shrimp lagoon in Ca Mau, located next to Ba Keo Canal, connecting to the Gulf of Thailand. In recent years, this place has become the familiar stop of many tourists during their Southern Vietnam group tours. Thi Tuong Lagoon is divided into three sections: upper lagoon, middle lagoon and lower lagoon. Here, travelers can see the attractive scenery of Ca Mau Land and enjoy the special dishes made from fishes, shrimps, etc.

U Minh Ha National Forest

U Minh National Forest is divided into two areas, which are upper and lower forest. U Minh Thuong Forest (the upper forest) is in Kien Gian Province, while the U Minh Ha Forest (the lower one) is in Ca Mau Province. U Minh Ha National Forest is an area having a very typical flora and fauna of the wetland on the peat layer created by perennial vegetation bodies.  This is the place to preserve and develop the genetic resource of precious animals, together with cultural values and historical relics for scientific research and tourism development.

Biodiversity zone of forestry and fishery 184 – Nam Cam Mangrove Forest

Nam Can Mangrove Forest and Biodiversity Zone of Forestry and Fishery 184 is situated in the middle of mangrove forest in Cha La Hamlet, Tam Giang Commune. It is 1-hour-drive by boat from Ca Mau Floating Market. To explore the Biodiversity Zone of Forestry and Fishery 184, travelers will go through the forest with a road system in the over-15-year-old mangrove forest. At night, visitors will rest in cool houses in the forest and enjoy many famous specialties here.


Nam Can Mangrove Forest

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